COLUMN: New year will bring new beginning for the force

New year is a great time for reflection and new ideas. With the Christmas festivities almost over, we can now look ahead to how we can make life better in 2017.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 28th December 2016, 8:00 am
Paddy Tipping who has been re-elected at the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner.
Paddy Tipping who has been re-elected at the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Change can be a good trigger for making a difference – and change is already on its way to Nottinghamshire Police with the appointment of a new chief constable, Craig Guildford.

Due to take up his position in early in the new year, Craig has, I believe, the drive and ambition to take policing forward in our city and county and keep us safe.

He will be taking over from temporary chief Sue Fish who has delayed her retirement to enable a smooth handover, giving him the best chance to hit the ground running.

Currently deputy chief constable of Gwent Police, prior to which he was assistant chief constable, specialist operations, with West Yorkshire Police, Mr Guildford was offered the role of leading our force following a recruitment process that put a number of high calibre candidates through a gruelling selection programme.

I recommended Mr Guildford for the post on behalf of our communities as I see in him an inspirational leader much needed in these tough and challenging times.

He has an impressive track record grown from wide policing experience which included working in intelligence with the National Crime Squad and on various operational and crime roles.

One of his outstanding successes involved his implementation of customer service desks across Cheshire Constabulary which saw the force rise from 43rd to first for overall satisfaction in less than two years.

Knowledge, experience, inspiration and drive are assets that Nottinghamshire Police use very effectively in crime reduction and prevention despite tight budgets and demanding circumstances.

Such assets, together with focused leadership, can help to keep us safe in 2017.

As we prepare to begin this new year, I am heartened that new beginnings often mean new and better ways of resolving problems.

This is what I want for us all in the coming months and years.

Community safety is important for everyone, wherever we live, wherever we


To achieve that we need to continually reflect on what works and what doesn’t. We need to pool ideas, draw on experience from other forces and share services and expertise.

As individuals we can all play our part by taking care and acting responsibly.

From locking doors and windows, to refusing to drink and drive, to keeping an eye open for our neighbours, we can make the sort of difference that keeps harm away on New Year’s Eve and every day.

Keep safe, look out for others, and have a happyNnew Year.