COLUMN: Our health is paramount

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A campaigning group The Hucknall First Community Forum is representing the people of Hucknall with a petition on behalf of the residents to raise the issue with the Clinical Commissioning Group and county council that health care provision needs improving in Hucknall, with a seven-day service essential, a walk in service provided, people are telling us some patients are having to wait a number of weeks to see their own doctor.

In the next few years hundreds of new homes are to be built both in the town and on the outskirts by both Ashfield District Council and Gedling Borough Council that will put us the people of Hucknall under extreme pressure as far as infrastructure is concerned. The residents feel that it is essential that we have the services available to these new residents and do not wait for the problems to arise.

It is said there are ongoing talks between the CCG, NHS England and the Hucknall practices about the future growth of the town and the impact that will have on the demands on local health care provision. Talk is one thing, but it is action that is required. We hope the county council and the CCG will work together to provide the extra services required, which could provide possible social service provision in a new facility.

If you want to support this petition you can by going on to the Facebook page of Councillor John Wilmott, or go on to the Facebook page of the Hucknall First Community Forum, where the petition is situated. The lives of people are important and that is why an updated service to the people of Hucknall is of prime importance.

It is also fact that the county council are to receive up to £7 million pounds as owners of the land in and around Hucknall, I wonder how much will be spent in the town. It is also a fact that Gedling Borough Council will be receiving many thousands of pounds in 106 monies, for the houses being built at Top Wighay Farm and the land surrounding the Vaughan Estate.