Commons column: Alfie on why Ashfield is awesome!

MP Gloria De Piero
MP Gloria De Piero

MP Gloria De Piero’s column on talented local youngsters, disgusting dog mess and cutting through red tape...

I recently launched the ‘Why I love Ashfield’ competition with the Chad and it’s the perfect way to show off some of the talented kids we have in the area.

This month I’m handing you over to Alfie Parker, aged 11, from Hillocks.

“Firstly there’s the library. There’s nothing like a nice book to read after a long, hard day at school to relax with. Heaven to me.

“Then there’s the school. While other schools are a bit boring, Hillocks is the place to be.

“The teachers are kind, the food is good and luckily for me, a no bullying policy.

“But the best bit is the friends you make. I don’t make many friends but I have tons of friends here and one is right next to me as I write, Luke, so that’s good.

“There’s only one word that describes Sutton. That word is…awesome!!!!!!!”

I like getting out and about, so over the next few months I’m going to try and get around as many school gates at picking up time as I can.

It’s your chance to bend my ear.

We all lead busy lives and this is a way you can grab me for have a quick chat and I listen to any problems before you pick little ones up. The other Friday I stopped by St Andrew’s C of E in Skegby and had a natter with mums and dads who were furious about the amount of dog mess nearby and who can blame them. Quite frankly it’s disgusting.

Thanks to everyone who let me know and just to keep you updated I’ve written to council chiefs to ask them to sort out Farndale Road, Whitehead Lane, Forest Road and Saville Road.

If it does continue to be a problem then please let me know.

In this job you sometimes get a case that brings you to tears.

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t.

It’s also one of the best feelings in the world being able to help. I’ve just managed to sort out one heartbreaking case involving a family from Kirkby, with three kids, who fell into financial difficulty and ultimately arrears on the home.

They did apply for help through the Mortgage Protection Scheme but red tape and ridiculous delays meant it took nearly a year to sort and in that time the lady’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away.

The mortgage lender then pulled out of the deal and not only had she lost her husband but she was about to lose her family home too. She came to see me in one last ditch attempt and after pressure from me the lender looked at the situation again and decided to do a U-turn and accept it.