Community clean-up event at River Leen

AN ABANDONED bike was just one of many objects found at the bottom of Bulwell’s River Leen when the community came together for a clean-up event.

Despite freezing temperatures, a group of eager volunteers met with representatives from the Environment Agency and Nottingham City Council to clear rubbish and generally tidy up the river and pond at Vernon Park.

“It was a great morning and went really well with a number of volunteers turning up on the day to help out,” said Simon Jenkins, park ranger for Nottingham City Council.

“In just a few hours we managed to make a big impression.”

The clean-up operation is just one of many planned for the future at this section of the River Leen.

Pollution and litter are the biggest problems facing the area with wildlife affected as well as the area aesthetics.

“We hope that we can engage the community in future events and raise awareness of the problems caused by litter and pollution in the area,” added Simon. “As well as clearing rubbish, we also made an access ramp onto the pond’s island for ducks and ducklings which were struggling to climb back onto the bank.”

An area of the park and river which has been blocked with fence barriers have also suffered vandalism adding to the eyesore.

“It is hoped that this area will be opened up in the future and be accessible once more,” added Simon.

Wildlife in the City project officer, Lucy Kennedy, was also hopeful of the initiative.

“There are a number of agencies involved in the project which also includes conducting a wildlife survey.

“We have secured funding from the Environment Agency and hope the initial enthusiasm for the project will continue into the future,” added Lucy. “But the success is dependent on community involvement. The more the merrier.”