Community duo on patrol to improve Bulwell

TWO community organisers have been recruited to find out which issues residents would like to see tackled in Bulwell.

Rebekah Duncan and Lillian Akinyosoye have been knocking on doors in the town to hear from people who may not attend community meetings.

The new roles are the result of a partnership between RE:generate, a charity that organises groups to transform neighbourhoods, and the Our Lady Roman Catholic Church.

After completing their training in April, the pair are now out and about in Bulwell finding out what residents would like to change in their area.

Project director Nick Gardham, who is responsible for the partnership, said the scheme could have a huge impact on the future of Bulwell.

“It’s really exciting to be involved in this,” he said. “This is a good opportunity for Bulwell to grow and for everyone involved to strengthen what is already going on in the area. We would like to identify the gaps that need working on.

“The community organisers are going to be out there listening to the community, building relationships with people and developing a network of people who can continue the work and take it forward.”

To tackle issues identified by residents, each community organiser has been given a £20,000 bursary from government funding.

This will cover their salary and any costs they need to cover in the first year they are employed.

Mr Gardham said the community organisers were likely to tackle economic, environmental, social and cultural issues.

He said: “It might be that people want to come together to tackle a particular issue that affects everyone in Bulwell or it might be a street issue that is causing a problem in one particular area.

“Whatever it is, the community organisers will ensure the people that need the most help are getting the support required.”

A similar project based in Newark and also presided over by RE:generate has been successful in creating two community football teams, a skate park, a bike park and a dance group.

Bulwell Forest Action Group secretary Bill Blackamore was hopeful the organisers would also have a big impact in Bulwell.

He said: “We will be able to generate a workforce of residents who can make Bulwell the great place that we all know it can be.”