Community News
Community News

Forest Street Baptist Church

The Art and Keep Fit groups met on Tuesday week. Wednesday week’s Slice of Prayer meeting was a Lent ,editation. The Rev Ros Wilkes led Sunday week’s morning service. The reader was Charles Hundley. Pat Pride and Jane Brierley served morning coffee. The evening service was taken by Jim Pell of Mansfield. The reader was Doreen Bell. Music for the day was by Doreen and Margaret Homer. Last Monday Denis Gregory gave a film show and served refreshments. The Ladies Fellowship was opened with devotions by Doreen Homer. Audrey Peake led a craft session. Doris Hickton served refreshments and played the piano.

Ashfield Chess Club

Ashfield III beat Gambit 3 – 2, with every member of the team contributing. Alan Robinson won and Neil Graham, Steve Bak, Stan Cranmer and Pete Clarke all drew. The same team was then beaten by West Notts 3 ½ to 1 ½ despite a win from Stan Cranmer and a draw from Pete Clarke. The fourth team were beaten by Mansfield 3-2, although Richard Dyce and D. Woodhouse both won. They were then beaten 3-2 by Radcliffe and Bingham again despite a strong showing by new player D. Woodhouse with Nigel Wright and Richard Dyce contributing draws.

Church of Christ

Polite Mukange led the morning service on Sunday week. Denis Faulks read from the Old Testament. The New Testament reader was Rex Foster who also served communion. Denis Faulks led the evening meeting. Guest speaker for the day was David Sharp of Loughborough.


The group served lunches on Monday week. Len Fox also entertained on the organ. Carpet bowls was played on Tuesday week. Joan Peel and Walter Jones provided the music for Thursday and Friday week’s dance sessions. New sequence dancers are welcome. The club meets at the centre at 2.30pm. Glenys Williams served the buffet for Saturday week’s annual meeting, chaired by Roy Sharpe. Reports were received from secretary Joan Peel and treasurer Glenys Williams. The next coffee morning will be on Saturday 29th March at 10am.

Our Lady RC Church

Fr Higgins led mass on Sunday week. The readers were Molly and Daniel Tucker. Maranatha played the music. Members of the offertory procession were Liz and Ria Johnson, Megan McPherson, Caelin Riyadi, Charlie Nottingham, Leia Pye, Delia McGibbon and Simone Tully. Communion was administered by Molly Beardsley, Delia McGibbon, Gloria Palmer, Dennis O’Neil and David Shipley. The collection was by John Fejfer and Rex Clarke. Margaret Henson and Cath Moulton served coffee for parish funds.

50 Plus

President Amy Butler welcome guest speakers Margaret Hensby and Christine Nuttall who gave an afternoon of poetry and other readings. Irene Best and Mary Pearson received birthday greetings. Refreshments were served by Betty England, Audrey Locke and Janet Moakes.

7Cs Christian F’ship

Pastor Maurice England was welcomed guest speaker, Bible teacher Norman Ramsden, who also gave the address. Pastor England led Faith Builder. Worship was led by David Holloway, Tom Ward, David Thorpe and Mark Roxburgh. Communion was served by Norman and Iris Ramsden. Karen Hemmingray hosted the midweek Fellowship.

Friends of Sal Army

The group met at the Ashwood Centre on Monday week, led by Gladys Newall. Freda Mills served refreshments. Members then held a Beetle Drive.

Hill Methodist Church

Barrie and Helene Smith hosted Monday week’s Bible study group. The youth club also met. In the evening, the Rev Barry Shipley led a Fellowship at Five Gables Residential Home, which was also supported by friends from Trinity Methodist Church. Nancy Shipley played the keyboard. Wednesday week’s Mother and Toddler session was followed by the Fellowship at which President Joy Franks introduced speaker, the Rev Eric Ashby. The organist was Betty Grice. The DIY group worked on the church in the evening. Barrie Smith led a Fellowship at Old Chapel Close. Joy Franks played the keyboard. The dance class rehearsed on Thursday week. On Friday week, church members attended the Women’s World International Day of Prayer, led by Rev Pat Chapman of Mansfield. The prayer group met on Saturday week. In the evening the Hill Worship group provided the music when author Yan Hadley was guest speaker at Forest Road Methodist Church. The Rev Mick Dilley led Sunday week’s Holy Communion, which included a memorial to Luke Morton. Music was by the worship group. The reader was Kimberley Grice. Jo Makins led the evening service. Readings were by Brenda Cahill and Betty Grice who also played the organ.

St Wilfrid’s Church

The Rev Wendy Patchell celebrated Holy Communion on Sunday week. Peter Stafford and Mandy Bowen were readers. Joan Truman read prayers. Sandra Smith administered the chalice. Sidesmen were Susan Smailes and Oliver Dodd. Ann Allcock and Lynne Colton served morning coffee.

Spirtualist Church

The church held its annual meeting on Saturday week, where all officers were re-elected. Kerri Barsby was speaker for Sunday week’s divine service, led by Lynda Sills. Stuart Hamilton gave Monday week’s demonstration of clairvoyance chaired by Janet Julian who then delivered healing with Gary Price. The awareness group met on Tuesday week.

3rd Brownies

Abbi Grundy assisted leader Wendy Osborne with the introduction of a badge new to the pack ‘I’m a Survivor-Get Me Out of Here’. Brownies began by making mud pies with worms. The meeting ended with Brownie Bells.

St Thomas’ Church

The Rev Neil Popham celebrated Holy Communion on Ash Wednesday followed by a study group in the church hall. A shared lunch was then taken. The carers and toddlers session was held in the afternoon. Reader Chris Man opened the parish office in the evening. Church members also supported an evening Ash Wednesday service held at St Peter’s in Ravenshead. On Friday week, representatives attended the Women’s World Day of Prayer at St Wilfrids Church. Sunday week’s family communion was taken by the vicar, assisted by Reader Chris Manning. The vicar gave the first Lent address, Julie Carr was reader. John Cook led prayers. Sarah Clarke led children’s church. The pianist was Doreen Dickens. Katherine Blasdale and Joan and Owen Murray were stewards. Andy Carr, Rosalind Eyre and Alfie Clarke presented the elements. Alan Dykes administered the chalice. Pauline Russ served morning refreshments. Pat Cook manned a Traidcraft stall. In the evening the vicar led the first part of the Lent course.