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Community News
Community News

Trinity Methodist

Last Wednesday morning, the Toddler Group met in the schoolroom and were followed by the Bright Hour in the afternoon. Mrs C. Marsh chaired the meeting and Mrs Sun Sansom was the pianist. Mr Geoff Pickering was the speaker, and his talk was entitled ‘A New Commandment’. The Engage Youth group met in the evening. On Thursday evening, the React Youth group met in the schoolroom. The Rupert Group met on Friday evening, at the home of Mr and Mrs R Walters. The Rev R. Warden led the Lenten study. A coffee morning took place in the schoolroom last Saturday week, on behalf of Church funds. The Sunday morning service was conducted by the Rev B Greenwood. The Bible readings were given by Mrs S. Richards and Mr and Mrs R. Walters. The stewards were Mrs. J. Walter’s and Mr. Wayne. The organist was Mr David Richards. On Monday afternoon, the Fellowship group met at the home of Mrs M. Marsh, and was led by the Rev A. Spencer in their Lenten studies.

Peafield Community

The Sunday morning service was conducted by Ian Munro, and the subject was ‘Discipleship’. Margaret Munro gave the Bible reading, and Kathy Smith led the prayers. The congregation celebrated the birthday of Pete Smith, and he was presented with a card.

Triangle Health

Nineteen members attended last Thursday week’s meeting held in Turner Hall lounge. Joan Davies chaired the meeting, and Ruth Marriott collected the subscriptions. The members exercised to a Prime Fitness video, and Pauline Shaw led the chair assisted exercise and relaxation. The refreshment hostesses were Ethel Trolley and Joy Stevens. The winner of the raffle was Sheila Evans. The sales table for Triangle funds was manned by Connie Froggatt and Ellen Cauldwell. On Friday, the members visited ‘Launays’ at Edwinstowe, for a lunch to celebrate the group’s 26th birthday. A vote of thanks was given to Doreen Makings, by Joan Davies, for organising the meal.

St Edmund’s Church

The 10am service was conducted by the Rev Allen Scrivener, assisted by Kate Colclough. The Bible readings were given by Pauline Barnett and Jean Fisher. The Sidesmen were Linda Dean and Suzy Booth. Bernard Ory gave the prayers of intercession, and Paul Smith, Jean Taylor and Gloria Townsend, assisted with the chalice. Coffee was served in the Stable Centre by Irene Garrett and Maud Jarvis. The 6.30am service was conducted by the Rev Richard Morton, and the Bible readings were given by Irene Garrett and Maud Jarvis. The Sidesmen were Jean Taylor and Irene Garrett. The organist for the day was Annie Bunce.

The Chistadelphians

The Sunday family service talk, entitled ‘Spiritual Lessons from Kennilworth Castle’, was given by Angela Bolton. The moral was, ‘We are fortified by the Lord’. Musical items were given by Angela Bolton on the recorder, and David Wooten and Tony O’Connor on guitars. After a fellowship lunch David Wooten spoke about ‘The Lamb of God - Jesus Christ’. Anne Clark gave a reading from Hebrews v.11-22. John Bennett was the organist, and George Sobcynski was the President for the day. The Steward was Maurice Tryner. The theme for the children’s group was ‘We are fearfully and wonderfully made’, and a large collage picture was created. The teacher was Sarah Clark. On Monday morning, at Craft Crazy, activities were upholstery, card making and bag craft. On Wednesday morning the Tots and Toys group was organised by Sarah Clark. The tots made sticky pictures and paintings, and played on the trampoline and slide. The Wednesday evening Bible Class took place at the home of Carol Burton. The Groups are open to everybody and you would be very welcome to attend the services ext. For further details please feel free to contact either Margaret Bennett on 01777 818334, or Denise Sobcynski on 07435 562077 for further details.