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Community News



At last Wednesday week’s meeting weekly awards went to Heidi Simmonds and Lana Kinsey. There was a leaving party for Amelia Fretwell and Millie Dawes, who left for Brownies and received star of the week awards.

Members dressed as princesses, played games and sang songs. Leaders were Helen Halfpenny, Jamie Brelsford and Jo Peake. Star of the week awards went to Hannah Makinson-Smith and Scarlet Burton at Wednesday week’s meeting. Craftwork was making daffodil-theme windmills. Members played parachute and memory games. Leaders Helen Halfpenny, Jo Peake and Jamie Brelsford were assisted by Guide Charlotte Peake.

Beechwood Court

Chairman of 50 Plus Club, Mr Norman Broadbelt, opened Thursday week’s meeting attended by 40 members. He was bingo caller assisted by Mesdames M. Marchant, M. Gwynn and J. Turner and Mr R. Birkin. Mesdames S. Clarke, M. Hoyland and S. Key served teas and Messrs J. Clarke, Birkin and T. Rowe did kitchen duties. Ticket sellers were Mrs Turner and Mrs Marchant and raffle winner was Mrs Hoyland. Mrs J. Boyer provided refreshments and members played cards.

Busy Bees Club

At Anchor Centre 17 pre-schoolchildren, accompanied by adults, attended last Tuesday week’s meeting. Theo Mosler and his grandmother, Dawn, were welcomed. Seven accompanied pre-school children attended Thursday week’s meeting. Activities included play with a slide, a farm set and construction bricks, singing and colouring.


On Wednesday week Erika Marshall led discussing a recruitment drive, for girls aged over 10. Members chose what they wished to do for Brownies’ birthday challenge badge. Thinking Day and passion- for- fashion badges were awarded. Lottie Peake organised games.

St Andrew’s Church

There was a Little Fishes Toddlers’ Group activity period last Monday week. Associate Priest, the Rev Adrian Dempster, celebrated Holy Communion for Ash Wednesday assisted by the Curate, the Rev Kate Byrom. There was a 20-minutes’ prayer period on Thursday week. Mr Dempster led Sunday week’s early said and sung parish Holy Communions. Reader John Whitbread assisted at the later service. Organist for the week was John Dunn. David Lomas and David Swain gave Bible readings. Mary Whitbread led prayers and was in the ministry team, with Graham Clarke. Stewards were Joyce Carter and Marilyn Turner. Refreshments were served by Marilyn Turner, Sharon Hallam and Karen Bradshaw. Mike and Mary Collins and Hilary Hillman led junior church at the church hall. The Vicar, Canon Dr Richard Kellett, chaired the united parochial church annual meeting with All Saints’ Church, Stanton Hill. Officers appointed were: Churchwardens – Mary Whitbread and Roy Allin; auditor, Jenny Bough; deanery synod representatives – Pam Clarke, Ian Hallam and Tom Stimpson; parochial church council secretary, Ina Halfpenny; parish secretary, Sharon Lomas. Sue Mountain gave electoral roll reports, John Crafts, St Andrew’s finance and parish hall reports, and Mary Whitbread, St Andrew’s fabric report.

Methodist Church

David Purseglove conducted Sunday week’s service, opened by Denise Matters. Door steward was Margery Pierpoint and vestry stewards were Beverley Stubbs and Stuart Bramwell. Di Smith operated the clavinova and Arnie Kells manned the sound mixer desk and gave a PowerPoint presentation. Sue and Malc Beniston placed symbols of the Last Supper at the Lent cross. Readers Trevor and Brenda Johnson also served refreshments. Shannon and Megan Jones took the offertory. Sue Beniston arranged activities for junior church members. The Rev Judith Shewen chaired a church council meeting on Wednesday week. The church hosted Women’s World Day of Prayer service on Friday week. Speaker was the Rev Melvin Ellis.

Monday Club

At Healdswood Community Centre chairman, Mr Jim Clarke, opened Monday week’s meeting attended by 26 members. He and Mrs M. Wallace were bingo callers. Mrs K. Nelson and Mrs M. Gwynn did kitchen duties and, with Mrs M. Briggs, sold tickets. Mr H. Else provided refreshments and Mrs N. Ball was raffle winner.


At Monday week’s meeting members had games and were challenged to build towers from drinking straws. Leaders were Catherine Willis, Anne Bagley and Michelle Cook.

G Force Line Dancing

Members revised modern and classic dances at yesterday week’s meeting at Anchor Centre. Val Beale celebrated her birthday.

Stanton hill


Yesterday week at Brand Court Ashfield District Council Heritage Offr, Denis Hill, gave a talk about local industries in the 19th century. Members also had bingo and refreshments.

All Saints’ Church

The Vicar, Canon Dr Richard Kellett, celebrated Holy Communion on Ash Wednesday assisted by the Curate, the Rev Kate Byrom. They also conducted Sunday week’s Holy Communion. Eleanor Greaves and Ina Halfpenny gave readings. Pianist at both services was Estelle Ellis. Ian Hallam led Brightlights Youth Group’s meeting. At the united parochial church annual meeting with Skegby’s St Andrew’s Church churchwardens elected were Eleanor Greaves and Philip Osborne. Tony Hallam gave a finance report and Philip Osborne, a fabric report.

Baptist Church

Graham Penny conducted Sunday week’s morning service and Dave Witham, the evening one. Hazel Williams was musician for the day. The church was open for prayer last Monday week. There was carpet bowls at the sports hall. On Thursday week there was a prayer lunch at church and a home Bible study. Sensei Michael Burke, of Zanshin Karate Association, led karate classes in the sports hall on Saturday week.


St Katherine’s Church

The Curate, the Rev Kate Byrom, led Ash Wednesday’s service. The Vicar, Canon Dr Richard Kellett, celebrated Holy Communion then and led worship at Sunday week’s family service. He played guitar and the theme was God Will Provide. Emilia Severn, Elissa Langton and William Boneham presented the offertory. Later the vicar baptised baby Tobin Bacon and adults Edward and Joshua Marshall. Associate Priest, the Rev Adrian Dempster, led evensong and spoke about God’s Grace. Jean Hickman and Maureen Dempster gave Bible readings and organist was John Dunn. Gwyneth Allwood and Jane Fowkes were church stewards. There was prayer and Bible study last Tuesday week. On Thursday week Andrea Temporal led a Christian craft group meeting at the Scout Hut.