Community News.
Community News.

4th Rainbows

At Wednesday week’s meeting members flipped ‘pancakes’, made from CDs, using paper plates as frying pans. Three members made their Promise.

5th Brownies

Members had pancake races using frying pans and CDs as pancakes. Six members made their Promise.

Inner Wheel

March’s meeting and lunch at Portland College was attended by 16 members. Jane Seals, of Ashfield Play Forum, gave a talk about the charity which supports creative play opportunities for children in the district. Congratulations were given to club members who came second in Inner Wheel’s district quiz. Details were given for the branch’s charter lunch at West Notts College. Members discussed charities they wanted the club to support.

St John’ Church

There were meetings of WeightWatchers’ and Mansfield and District Ladies’ Rally Committee on Thursday week. Messy Church was run by Mrs Karen Heathcote. Olive Branch Coffee Bar was open on Friday week and Saturday week. At the Saturday event there was a cake stall with proceeds for Bible Society. On the Friday there was a Boys’ Brigade meeting and on the Saturday, Borders Mission Circuit’s prayer meeting. Sunday week’s morning worship was led by Mrs Tansy Patilla. Mrs Sue Otter operated the clavinova. Readers were Mr Gordon Bestwick, Mr John Whitehead and Mesdames Mrs Ann Wragg, Otter and Ann Cope. Janine Burton led junior church, with Vicky Young, and served refreshments. The Rev Mick Dilley led evening worship and Mrs Doreen Young played the clavinova. Readers were Mr Alan Adkin and Mrs Mary Aldous. Stewards were Mrs Cope, Jill Moakes and Mr Peter Stamenkovic. On Monday week there were meetings of Ashfield Childminders’ Association, a Pilates class, Girls’ Brigade and Sutton Choral Society. Yesterday week there was a carers’ and toddlers’ group session, a Scrabble group meeting and a zumba class. Mr Whitehead led a Lent study group. Sutton Heritage Society had a meeting. Last Wednesday there were art and keep fit classes and a ploughman’s lunch.

Sutton Centre

At Under Fives’ Playgroup activities about animals included story time with puppets, a game, numeracy songs and learning about farm animals and what they eat. Sensory items were used in a model of a jungle and children made a graph of their favourite pets. They also talked about the weather and seasonal changes. Ladybird certificates were given to Leo Shay-Lee, Shannon Robbins and Finnley Roberts. Kaylen Cull and Mia Benton celebrated their fourth birthdays.

Community of Christ

Last Tuesday week Peacemakers Youth Group members played computer games. Helpers were Barbara Woodhouse, Helen Kemp and Marianne Rowe. Mary Walters led worship at the women’s meeting and Janice Fox arranged quizzes. Refreshments were provided by Barbara Woodhouse. There was a coffee morning on Wednesday week and a youth activity in the evening. Pastor Barbara Woodhouse and Celia Roddis led a baby blessing service on Sunday week for Olly James Greatorix. Led By The Spirit, was the theme for the evening service led by the pastor. Hazel Holmes welcomed the congregation and received the offering. Ralph Holmes was pianist. Brian and Celia Roddis provided refreshments afterwards.

Zion Baptist Church

Sunday week’s worship was led by Helen Tomlinson and the worship team. Blair Hutchison was in charge of sound and lighting mixing systems. Laura Weston gave a reading and speaker was the Rev Charles Claydon. The service was based on First Epistle to the Corinthians, Chapter 14. Xtreme Sunday School was led by Lucy Chalk, Paulette Bilson-West and Fiona Selby.


Mr Raymond Parker conducted Sunday week’s service and organist was Mrs Helena Wain. Door steward Mr Mark Renshaw also gave a reading. Vestry steward was Mrs Crystal Gibson. Elouise Lake took the offertory and Mrs Rachel Ross led family church. Mrs Ellen Hartshorne arranged flowers provided by herself and her husband, Jeff. Church members attended Women’s World Day of Prayer service at Skegby Methodist Church on Friday week. March’s fellowship lunch was at Country man Inn, Kirby. David Parnell and Mally Wainwright were instructors at Ashfield Dragons Kick Boxing meetings. Tracey Cranfield led 1st (Sutton) Brownies’ meeting.

4th Guides

At Monday week’s meeting members did party planner badgework and played games. Leaders included Liz Belshaw and Joanne Betteridge.

Aspley Court

Yesterday week a raffle raised £50 for club funds. Winners were Pat Preston, Norman Drabble, Brenda Rudhall, Pat Lewis, Joyce Gregory, Bernice Coleman, Lou Huffey, Nelly Bramley and Mary Sharpe. Members then had lunch at the Crown public house, Tibshelf.

Brierley House

Bingo callers were Mrs V. Morrison and Mr A. Morrison. Game winners were Mesdames J. Connah, E. Hill, E. McKee, P. Lovatt, P. Dykes, D. Goddard, M. Rolley, M. Johnson, J. Wood, A. Reddington, J. Spiby and E. Pickering and Messrs M. Wood, E. Lovatt, D. Franks, D. Johnson and B. Reddington. Raffle winners were Mesdames Lovatt, Wood, Connah and Goddard and Messrs Morrison, Wood and Johnson.

New Cross Church

The Rev Mary Foden-Currie conducted Ash Wednesday’s service. Hilary Bostock led Pins and Needles Group’s meeting and Thursday week’s card craft session. June Bagley led Friday week’s MINGLE Group meeting and Jane Selby led a children’s glee dance club meeting. Church members attended Women’s World Day of Prayer service at Skegby Methodist Church. The Rev Frank Crowther led Sunday week’s morning worship and youth team members arranged 11 Alive service. Greeters were Peter and Susanne Brunt. Steward Bernard Brown gave a reading and took the offertory, with Derek Smith. Kevin Frear and Derek Smith served refreshments. Julie Cotterill led Mothers’ Union’s Toddlers’ Group session on Monday week and there was an Alpha Course meeting. Yesterday week there was a community choir practice.