Community News
Community News

Heritage Society

Trevor Lee gave a talk about Ashfield cinemas at last Tuesday week’s meeting. Carol Moore ran a raffle and Virginia Brooks and Stan Quinn provided refreshments.

4th Rainbows

At Wednesday week’s meeting members planted bulbs in troughs and drew pictures of flowers for a notice board.

5th Brownies

Members talked about health and hygiene and did badgework at Wednesday week’s meeting.

Sutton Seniors

Chairman of 50 Plus Forum, Christine Roebuck, opened March’s meeting at Anchor Centre, Skegby, on Wednesday week. A representative of Our Centre, Kirkby, talked about trips and events available to senior citizens. Brenda Clarke demonstrated flower arranging and, in a raffle, her arrangements were won by Mesdames Else, Walker, Feranz, Redshaw, Norton, Stones and Holloway. Barbara Redshaw, Gladys Walker, Sylvia Hall and Glenice Coleman served refreshments. Pearl Holloway and Mrs Feranz organised a raffle won by Marlene Alcock, Barbara Redshaw, Pearl Holloway, Elizabeth Paget, Joan Harris and Joan Spencer. Betty Leivers and Joan Spencer organised a sales table.

St John’s Church

On Thursday week there was a WeightWatchers’ meeting. Olive Branch Coffee Bar was open on Friday week and Saturday week. There was a Boys’ Brigade meeting on the Friday. Mr Arnie Kells led

Sunday week’s parade service, celebrating the Brigades’ 60th anniversary. Mrs Sue Otter operated the clavinova and reader was Jill Moakes. Mr and Mrs C. Wragg served refreshments. Mrs Joy Franks led evening worship and Mrs Doreen Young played the clavinova. Readers were Mr Jeff Moakes and Lesley Moakes. Stewards for the day were Lesley Moakes, Mrs Ann Cope and Mr Peter Stamenkovic. On Monday week there were meetings of

Ashfield Childminders’ Association, a Pilates class, Girls’ Brigade and Sutton Choral Society. Carers’ and toddlers’ group, a Scrabble group and a zumba class had meetings yesterday week. Mr Gordon Bestwick led a Lent study group. Last Wednesday there were art and keep fit classes. Mr John Whitehead led a praise and fellowship meeting. Soloist was Helen Kirk and speaker was Notts and Derby District Chairman, the Rev Loraine Mellor. Accompanist was Jan Dawes.


Miss Kathleen Pass conducted Sunday week’s service and Mrs Helena Wain was organist. Door steward Mrs Janet Fairfield also gave a reading. Vestry steward was Mrs Crystal Gibson. Mrs Ellen Hartshorne arranged flowers in memory of Mrs Thirza Helen Cunningham. Mr Bill Gibson took the offertory. David Parnell and Mally Wainwright were instructors at Ashfield Dragons Kick Boxing meetings. Tracey Cranfield led 1st (Sutton) Brownies’ meeting.

Community of Christ

Last Tuesday week members of Peacemakers Youth Group played games. Helpers were Barbara Woodhouse, Helen Kemp and Marianne Rowe. At the women’s meeting hymns, readings and prayers were selected for a service. Janice Fox provided refreshments and there was a bring-and-buy sale. On Wednesday week there was a coffee morning with nearly new sale and a youth activity in the evening. Share Your Story, was the theme for Sunday week’s worship. Richard Holmes presided and an address was given by Apostle Andrew Bolton, of Independence, Missouri, USA. Ralph Holmes was pianist and Richard Holmes, guitarist. Hazel Holmes welcomed the congregation and received the offering. Refreshments afterwards were provided by Brenda Waring and Marianne Rowe.

Salvation Army

Sylvia Linnell, Lt Matthew Brown, Alan and Margaret Wright served meals at Wednesday week’s lunch club meeting. Lt Brown led the over 60s meeting. On Thursday week Jenni Ross led Bible study. On Sunday week Lt Brown led both services. Helen Waters, Lt Brown and Margaret Wright led Little Treasures’ parents’ and toddlers’ meeting on Monday week.

4th Guides

Members made decorations as part of party planner badgework and played games at Monday week’s meeting. Leaders were Liz Belshaw and Kay Hawley.

Aspley Court

At yesterday week’s meeting Edna Smith, Brenda Rudhall, Joan Ellis and Gwen Flook were domino winners. Members played bingo after lunch. Game winners were Dorothy Papworth, Nelly Bramley, Brenda Jelliman and Edna Smith. Denise Coleman presented Cath and Norman Drabble with a card and gift for their golden wedding.

Sutton Centre

At Under Fives’ Playgroup preparations for Mothers’ Day included painting ‘daffodils’ to make cards and practising writing names. Children had role play in a garden centre, baked for a party for their mothers and planted pansies in pots. They also had games including an obstacle course, a lending library and letter work. They were encouraged to eat breakfast and after reading a story, thought up different endings for it. Lily Comins was given a Ladybird certificate for good behaviour.

Brierley House

Bingo callers were Mrs V. Morrison and Mr A. Morrison. Game winners were Mesdames E. McKee, M. Rolley, J. Connah, P. Dykes, M. Brain, P. Lovatt, J. Mansfield, M. Johnson, D. Goddard, Morrison, D. Mitchell, J. Wood, B. Rudhall, J. Gregory, C. Stevenson, E. Hill, B. Webster, R. Franks, J. Swain, E. Pickering, M. Tuet, A. Reddington, M. Barsby and J. Spiby and Messrs M. Wood, D. Franks, E. Lovatt, Morrison, H. Mitchell, D. Johnson and B. Reddington. Raffle winners were Mesdames Johnson, Brain, Mansfield and Gregory, Mr Morrison and Mr Mitchell.

New Cross Church

The Rev Adrian Butt celebrated Wednesday week’s Holy Communion. Hilary Bostock led Pins and Needles Group’s meeting and Thursday week’s card craft class. Alpha Course meetings were held on the Wednesday and on Monday week. June Bagley led Friday week’s MINGLE Group meeting and Jane Selby led a children’s glee dance club meeting. There were film nights on Friday week and Saturday week. The Rev Graham Holloway celebrated Sunday week’s Holy Communion. Youth team members arranged 11 Alive service. Steward Bernard Brown and greeter Joyce Handford gave readings. Bernard Brown and Anne Acton took the offertory. Kevin Frear and Derek Smith served refreshments. There was a Mothers’ Union toddlers’ group meeting on the Monday and Jane Selby led a children’s drama group meeting. Yesterday week there was a community choir practice.