Community News
Community News

Townswomen’s Guild

Chairman Sandra Prewett welcomed 52 members and a visitor to April’s meeting at St John’s Church. Maureen Brassington read minutes and Pam Edwards gave a finance report. Dorothy Sparham reported on Scrabble meetings and a forthcoming trip to Cromford, Derbyshire. Raffle winners were June Brown, Kathy Lamin, Mavis Else, Jean Bullimore and Elsie Marsh. Mr Bob Neil provided obscure objects for members to identify their uses. Irene Bryan gave a vote of thanks. Jean Bullimore, Barbara Gill, Sheila Galert and Maureen Brassington served refreshments. Recently 28 members attended the annual Federation lunch at Albert Hall, Nottingham. Speaker was Canon Kathryn Herrod.

St Modwen’s Ladies

At Wednesday week’s meeting at Magdalene Centre Lesley Cooke gave a talk about a holiday in the Holy Land. Jean Ward was raffle winner and Mary Hardstaff and Marjorie Gill served refreshments.

Community of Christ At Wednesday week’s drop-in coffee and chat morning hosts were Celia Roddis and Barbara and Stewart Woodhouse. A youth activity of time trials and games later was organised by Stewart and Barbara Woodhouse. On Sunday week Barbara and Graham Wilson led worship with a theme Peace for the World. Vivian Betts gave a reading and Marianne Rowe and Barbara Woodhouse presented two sketches. Some members of the congregation went to the church’s conference centre for a weekend of study and meditation to discuss ways of making churches more relevant to their communities.  


The Rev Lionel Anderson conducted Sunday week’s service. Mrs Helen Wain was organist and Mrs Crystal Gibson was vestry steward. Mrs Ellen Hartshorne was reader and door steward. Mrs Janet Fairfield arranged flowers she and her husband, Alan, provided. Jessica Ross and Eloise Lake took the offertory. Mrs Rachel Ross led family church. David Parnell and Mally Wainwright were instructors at Ashfield Dragons Kick Boxing sessions.

St John’s Church

On Thursday week there WeightWatchers and coffee bar meetings. Olive Branch Coffee Bar was open on Friday week and Saturday week. There was a Boys’ Brigade meeting on the Friday. Mr John Whitehead led Sunday week’s morning worship and Mr Bryn Hughes played the clavinova. Reader was Mrs Ann Cope. Junior church was led by Vicky Young and Janine Burton. Mr and Mrs P. Otter served refreshments. Mr Gordon Bestwick led evening worship and Mrs Doreen Young played the clavinova. Readers were Mrs Mary Aldous and Mrs Sue Stamenkovic. Stewards for the day were Mr Bestwick and Mrs Irene Bestwick. On Monday week there were meetings of Ashfield Childminders’ Association, a Pilates class, Girls’ Brigade and a local preachers’ sub-group. Yesterday week there were carers’ and toddlers’ group and Scrabble group and zumba class sessions. Last Wednesday there was art and keep fit classes. Mr Whitehead led a prayer and praise meeting. Speaker was the Rev Dr Paul Hill and accompanist was Mrs Jan Dawes.

Salvation Army

Lt Matthew Brown, Brian and Janet Sawyer and Alan and Margaret Wright served meals at Wednesday week’s lunch club meeting. On Thursday week Jenni Ross led Bible study. Cynthia Densham and helpers ran Saturday week’s coffee morning. Lt Brown led morning and cafe-style evening worship on Sunday week. Helen Waters, Lt Brown, Andrew Salmon and Alan and Margaret Wright led Little Treasures’ parents’ and toddlers’ meeting on Monday week.

Sutton Centre

At Under Fives’ Playgroup activities on a topic of The Police, included role play, dressing up and a story about visiting a Police Station. Children drew Police cars and officers and watched a DVD on the subject. Police Officers visited them. Children also used an electronic toy, made soup and had a rhyming game. Ladybird certificate were awarded to Tia Shah and Charlie Dawson. Birthday greetings were given to Dylan McKernan and Sydney Nunn (both four) and Finnlay Roberts (3).

4th Guides

At Monday week’s meeting there was a leaving party for leader Trish Baines. Other leaders were Liz Belshaw, Joanne Betteridge and Kay Hawley.

Aspley Court

Domino winners at yesterday week’s meeting were Christine Lee, Dorothy Papworth, Dorothy Jones and Kathleen Freeman. Members played bingo after lunch. Game winners were Dorothy Jones, Christine Lee and Edna Smith.

Brierley House

Bingo callers were Mrs V. Morrison and Mr A. Morrison. Games winners were Mesdames E. Hill, M. Johnson, J. Wood, P. Dykes, E. Moore, J. Swain, J. Townsend, M. Tust, P. Lovatt, J. Connah, E. McKee, B. Rudhall, D. Mitchell, E. Pickering, M. Rolley, W. Harris, C. Stevenson, M. Barsby and Morrison and Messrs D. Johnson, M. Wood, E. Lovatt, Morrison and S. Reddington. Raffle winners were Mesdames J. Gregory, Connah, Lovatt, Wood and Harris and Mr Johnson.

New Cross Church

The Rev Adrian Butt celebrated Wednesday week’s Holy Communion. There was an Alpha Course meeting. Hilary Bostock led Pins and Needles Group meeting and Thursday week’s card craft class. June Bagley led Friday week’s MINGLE Group meeting and Jane Selby led a children’s glee dance club meeting. There were film nights on the Friday and on Saturday week. The Rev Graham Holloway celebrated Sunday week’s Holy Communion and youth team members arranged 11 Alive service. Steward was Jayne Self and greeter was John Calladine. Pat Webb and Bernard Brown gave readings. Kevin Frear and Derek Smith took the offertory and served refreshments. Julie Cotterill led Monday week’s Mothers’ Union toddlers’ group meeting. There was a community choir practice yesterday week.

4th Brownies

Young Leaders led yesterday week’s ‘movie night.’ Members watched a film and ate traditional cinema fare. They wore pyjamas and took along blankets, pillows and Teddy bears. Leaders were Catherine Graves, Tina Duncalf and Claire Nelson.

Zion Baptist Church

Sunday week’s worship was led by Helen Tomlinson and the worship team. Blair Hutchison was in charge of sound and lighting mixing systems. Xtreme Sunday School was led by April Hunt and Matt and Helen Tomlinson. Speaker was the Rev Charles Claydon and the theme was The Gift of Prophecy. Go to for the church’s updated website.