Ashfield Floral Art

Chairman Doreen Marriott opened May’s meeting at Ashfield Play Forum. Barbara Morton, of Nottingham, gave a demonstration called A Musical Evening. Her husband, Ian, played songs from musicals on his keyboard. The arrangements were raffled and Margaret Brunt gave a vote of thanks.

4th Rainbows

At Wednesday week’s meeting members learnt about Australian endangered animals. They coloured pictures of koalas, learnt an action song and played a ‘true and false question’ game.

5th Brownies

At Wednesday week’s meeting members did badgework in Sixes.

Community of Christ

Peacemakers’ Youth Group meeting last Tuesday week Barbara Woodhouse arranged cooking assisted by Helen Kemp. There was a coffee morning and nearly new sale on Wednesday week and a youth activity in the evening. Recently several members attended a retreat at Dunfield House, Herefordshire. Embody Sacred Community, was the theme for Sunday week’s worship led by Marianne Rowe. Testimonies were given by Hazel Holmes and Janice and Barrie Fox.  Pianist Ralph Holmes also led prayers. Refreshments afterwards were provided by Graham and Barbara Wilson.

Zion Baptist Church

Sunday week’s worship was led by Helen Tomlinson and the worship team. Blair Hutchison was in charge of sound and lighting mixing systems. Helen Tomlinson read the Epistle to Colossians, Chapter One, Verse 15, and led Xtreme Sunday School. Speaker was Tiva Daka. Refreshments were served afterwards.


Mr Raymond Parker led Sunday week’s service and organist was Mrs Helena Wain. Door steward Mrs Elspeth Clunie also gave a reading and vestry steward was Mrs Crystal Gibson. Mrs Wain provided flowers arranged by Mrs Ellen Hartshorne. Saturday week’s coffee morning raised £509 for Christian Aid. Tracey Cranfield and 1st (Sutton) Brownies ran a cake stall, provided decorated cakes as part of their badgework. Helpers were Alan and Janet Fairfield, Jim and Elspeth Clunie, Rachel Ross, Marion Newman, Helena Wain and Bill and Crystal Gibson. Tracey Cranfield led a Brownies’ meeting. David Parnell and Mally Wainwright were instructors at Ashfield Dragons Kick Boxing sessions.

St John’s Church

On Thursday week there was a WeightWatchers’ meeting. Olive Branch Coffee Bar was open on Friday week and Saturday week. There was a Boys’ Brigade meeting on the Friday. Notts and Derbys District Chairman, the Rev Loraine Mellor, conducted Sunday week’s morning worship and celebrated communion before she chaired the annual church meeting. Mrs Doreen Young played the clavinova for the day. Readers were Mrs Audrey Welch and Jeff and Jill Moakes. Mrs Irene Bestwick led prayers and stewards were Mrs Ann Cope and Jill Moakes. Mrs Heather Johnson led evening worship Readers were Mr John Whitehead and steward Mr Gordon Bestwick. Other steward was Mrs Irene Bestwick. On Monday week there were meetings of Ashfield Childminders’ Association, a Pilates class, local preachers sub -committee and Girls’ Brigade. Yesterday week there was a carers’ and toddlers’ group session and a Scrabble group meeting. Last Wednesday there were art and keep fit classes and a ploughman’s lunch.

4th Guides

Liz Belshaw, Joanne Betteridge and Kay Hawley supervised Monday week’s games night.

Sutton Centre

At Under Fives’ Playgroup activities about road safety included role play of crossing roads, a story, making traffic light biscuits and learning about road signs. A librarian told members a story and children also had a sound game, painting and outdoor play. Ladybird certificates were given to Isobel Bowler, Freya Clarke and Poppy Moore.

Brierley House

Bingo callers were Mrs V. Morrison and Mr A. Morrison. Game winners were Mesdames M. Barsby, E. Moore, M. Brain, M. Johnson, J. Connah, Morrison, E. McKee, E. Hill, J. Wood, J. Gregory, M. Rolley, D. Goddard, P. Dykes, B. Rudhall, P. Lovatt, J. Mansfield, M. Tust, W. Harris and E. Pickering and Messrs M. Wood, D. Johnson and B. Reddington. Raffle winners were Mesdames Tust, Goddard, D. Mitchell, Gregory, Harris and Barsby and Messrs Johnson, Morrison and H. Mitchell.

New Cross Church

The Rev Mary Foden-Currie celebrated Holy Communion on Wednesday week. Hilary Bostock led Pins and Needles Group’s meeting and Thursday week’s card craft session. There was an Alpha Course meeting on the Wednesday. June Bagley led Friday week’s MINGLE Group meeting and Jane Selby led a children’s glee dance club meeting. Mrs Jill Lund led Sunday week’s Morning Prayer and youth team members arranged 11 Alive service. Greeters were John and Susanne Brunt and steward was Bernard Brown. Pat Webb and the Rev Frank Crowther gave readings. Kevin Frear and Derek Smith took the offertory and served refreshments. Julie Cotterill led Monday week’s Mothers’ Union Toddlers’ Group session and Jane Selby led a drama club meeting. Yesterday week there was a community choir practice.

Salvation Army

Sylvia Linnell, Lt Matthew Brown, and Alan and Margaret Wright served meals at Wednesday week’s lunch club meeting. Lt Brown led the over 60s meeting. On Thursday week Jenni Ross led Bible study. Lt Brown led Sunday week’s meetings. Helen Waters, Lt Brown, and Alan and Margaret Wright led Little Treasures’ parents’ and toddlers’ meeting on Monday week.

Heritage Society

On Sunday week Ian and Angela Morris, Mike and Linda Greasley and Marg Thorne represented the Society at Mansfield Library’s local history fair. 1860’s Skegby Hall Dress was among items on display. At yesterday week’s meeting at St John’s Church John Taylor gave a talk called Nine Dukes of Portland, and distributed information booklets. Members were told about summer trips and local issues. Lily Ann Dawes ran a raffle and Virginia Brooks and Angela Morris served refreshments. 

Inner Wheel

May’s meeting at Portland College was attended by 17 members. Guest speaker Jenny Drizen gave a talk about her years as a midwife in the 1960s. At a business meeting plans were made for a stall on Sutton Market on Monday, 2nd June, and to enter a team for June’s Moonlight and Memories Walk to support Rainbows and John Eastwood hospices. Member Lin Maloney gave a report about the branch’s visit to International Conference at Telford, Staffordshire. Members went to see Westside Story at Nottingham Theatre Royal recently.

4th Brownies

At yesterday week’s meeting two former Rainbows were welcomed as members. Members used twigs, bamboo canes, straw and string to make ‘bug hotels’ and played games. Leaders Tina Duncalf and Claire Nelson were helped by Young Leader Millie Coope.