Community unites for toddler with rare killer illness

GREEN OASIS -- Beau is joined by Amelia Elson, his mum, Lindsey, and Vicky Elson (right) in the garden -- DISPIC NHUD12-1869-4
GREEN OASIS -- Beau is joined by Amelia Elson, his mum, Lindsey, and Vicky Elson (right) in the garden -- DISPIC NHUD12-1869-4

A HUCKNALL mum whose son has a devastating terminal illness says she has been ‘overwhelmed’ by generous support from well-wishers.

Beau Angelides (pictured) is suffering from a very rare and aggressive condition known as Sanfilippo Disease (SD).

Lindsey Pascoe, of Annesley Road, says there has been an ‘absolutely wonderful’ response to an appeal which is being called ‘Beau Beau’s Fund’.

The aim is to raise money for equipment and toys to brighten the life of the youngster, who is blind and cannot feed naturally..

A sensory garden is also being created in the back yard of the family’s home and it is hoped that this will be completed in time for an event to celebrate Beau’s second birthday on Wednesday August 22.

“The garden is something which I am sure will be well worth providing,” said Lindsey (37). “It means that Beau can enjoy the scent of the plants.”

An event to launch the fund was held at the Oceans Of Fun play centre in Hucknall and it raised the bumper total of £1,045.

Lindsey said offers of support had flooded in since the Dispatch published a front-page report about Beau on Friday June 8.

A friend, Vicky Elson, has taken on the mantle of main fundraiser and valuable support has been forthcoming from the fund chairman, Darren Harding.

A race night is being planned for September, to be held at the Royal British Legion Club on Hucknall’s Beardall Street.

SD is an imbalance of enzymes which enable the body to grow and develop and it normally reduces life expectancy to just ten years.

Beau needs 24-7 care and and he will probably suffer seizures as his brain growth is impaired. The youngster has to be fed constantly through a hole into his stomach.

As Beau will become deaf through the worsening of his condition, Lindsey is hoping to communicate with him through a form of sign language.

Despite the severity of his condition, Beau has been described as a ‘remarkably happy little boy who brightens up a room’.

Lindsey, who also has two daughters, Charlotte (four) and Jessica (seven), has split from Beau’s father. She gave up her job at the Oasis dental practice on Portland Road, Hucknall, to become her son’s full-time carer.

Anyone willing to back the fund is asked to phone Lindsey on 07906 241152 or e-mail her at