Commuters in Notts carry £678 of possessions


Towergate Insurance has found that the today’s Nottingham commuters are carrying £678 worth of possessions as they travel to and from work. And with 32% incorrectly thinking their belongings are automatically covered by their home contents insurance, those prized belongings could be at risk.

According to Towergate’s research, Nottingham women are carrying a more sizeable price tag of close to £724, thanks to pricy gadgets. This figure comes in at over £100 more than their male counterparts, who carry just £617.

With people’s pockets and handbags swollen after Christmas, it’s no surprise that technology is leading the way. Topping the list of most expensive items regularly carried on the daily commute are laptops (£304), mobile phones (£203), jewellery (£155) and glasses (£119).

Today’s commuter has more technology than the first rocket on the moon, allowing them to work on the move, keep up to date with the latest news and stay in touch with the people that matter most. But these items add up to a substantial amount which can all too easily be lost, stolen or damaged.

Towergate Insurance is highlighting the value of the items we regularly carry to work in order to underline the need for adequate home contents insurance to ensure your possessions are covered when out and about and away from home.

According to the research, almost a third (32%) of Nottingham commuters are wrongly under the impression all their items would be covered by their home contents insurance, regardless of expense. In particular, lavish watches, jewellery and handbags in excess of £1,500 would not necessarily be covered by a standard home contents insurance policy.

Drew Wotherspoon, Marketing Director of Towergate Insurance Direct, said: “It’s vitally important customers understand the nature of their home contents insurance and what it covers outside of the home.

“Your average commuter illustrates perfectly the value of the possessions we regularly carry around with us, day in day out without even thinking. How many of us have lost or had personal items stolen on the way to and from work? And with Christmas gifts added into the mix, it’s even easier to misplace something when travelling.”

Comparisons up and down the country reveal London commuters (£951) are carrying the biggest price tag, 28% above the national average of £742. Whilst those living in Liverpool (£638) and Bristol (£639) are carrying the lowest value of possessions when commuting – nearly 15% lower than the national average.