Cooking up an Evan-ly success

Georgia Evans cook
Georgia Evans cook

A FORMER Bulwell woman with a passion for cooking has embarked on a new business venture which she hopes will bring her a taste of success.

Women’s Aid charity worker and Boys Brigade youth leader Georgia Evans (pictured), of Corbiere Avenue, Watnall, used to live on Hempshill Vale Estate.

She has launched her aptly-named Evan-ly Food meals delivery service in areas which include Hucknall and Bulwell.

A former cook with the Boots company, Georgia spent 13 years in Germany, where she was an air-crew cook with the Fighter Bomber Squadron.

After spending ten years in the voluntary sector with Women’s Aid, supporting victims of domestic abuse, she has decided to follow her dream and run her own business.

Inspired by her family, she has chosen to name each of the meals she prepares after them, hence such titles as Uncle Derek’s beef cobbler, Mamar’s meat and potato pie, Doris lamb casserole and Georgia’s traditional lasagne.

Georgia realises that her ambition to run a successful business is “challenging”, especially in an economic climate that has seen local tradespeople really suffering.

“But if I don’t try to make a go of Evanly-Food, I will surely look back with regrets,” she says. “I am therefore determined to buck the trend and make this new chapter in my life one to be proud of.”

The secret of Georgia’s success will surely owe much to a combination of using traditional recipes and a preparation of quality meals using locally-grown produce.

To get a tase of Evan-ly Food, why not visit the website, — (PHOTO AND STORY BY: Peter Jordan)