Cop turned crime author’s visit to Hucknall library

Cop turned crime writer Michael Fowler
Cop turned crime writer Michael Fowler

Police officer turned crime writer Michael Fowler is set to give a talk at Hucknall Library on Tuesday 4th August from 2pm to 3pm.

He retired from the police 2006 after 32 years service with a ‘folder full of rich crime material to draw upon’ and began writing.

He said: “The first draft was completed within 18 months. Then I spent another year tightening the prose and in 2010 I began submitting the manuscript. After only a few rejections I was offered a contract by Caffeine Nights Publishing Limited and in 2012 ‘Heart of the Demon’ was released, together with the follow-up novel, ‘Cold Death’.”

Mr Fowler says he has ‘fought with drunks, wrestled thieves to the ground, almost been stabbed by a knife wielding burglar on the run and has experienced the adrenalin rush from many a high speed chase’.