Cops pinpoint top priorities

CRIME-fighting cops in Bulwell have been given their orders by the public.

For they have been tasked with tackling three top priorities — anti-social behaviour, vandalism and off-road motorbikers.

Throughout the last two months, officers have been urging residents to report their main crime concerns.

These have now been analysed and, as part of a commitment to neighbourhood-based policing, the top priorities have been decided.

Resources, patrols and crackdowns will now be targeted to meet these needs.

Particular hotspots pinpointed include anti-social behaviour on Commercial Road and the surrounding area. Officers believe this is linked to a spate of criminal damage.

Vandalism has become a particular problem on Highbury Road and the area around Piccadilly.

It is suggested by the public that groups of youths on Highbury Road are responsible for attacks on cars during the evening.

Community groups have endorsed that the problem exists but patterns suggest only isolated weekend offences are being reported.

Residents also want a crackdown on the scourge of maverick bikers causing a noise nuisance across the town.

There are fears the problem may escalate through the summer.

Bulwell’s police chief, Insp James West, said anti-social behaviour was a general concern for him and his officers.

He added that “groups of youths are clearly a pressing concern for people living on and around Commercial Road”.

He says his team will be working with youth services to engage with local teenagers.

Insp West explained that Bulwell was a hotbed for off-road vehicles because there were several open spaces. He added: “All too often, the bikes are ridden illegally or dangerously.

“We have the power to seize vehicles and will also have a specialist off-road bike team helping to curb dangerous riding in those open areas.”

Nottingham City Council has rubberstamped the priorities through its Area One Committee.

Already the police have stepped up patrols in the Snape Wood area of the town, with significant results in the last six months — a 23% reduction in reports of anti-social behaviour.

A previous priority was tackling street-level drug-dealing in Bulwell. Since last December, 320 hours of dedicated patrols have taken place, 19 arrests have been made and 17 raids have been carried out.