Cops traced burglar by snow tracks

POLICE followed tracks in the snow at night to snare a Bulwell burglar, who has now been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Marc Timson (26) was caught after a chase but two other men escaped.

Stolen mountain bikes and bottles of alcohol were recovered, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Timson, of Naomi Crescent, was sentenced for three garage burglaries after being convicted by a jury.

He denied the offences and told the police he had been walking home from a friend’s in Kimberley when he approached some men for a light for his cigarette.

Someone had then shouted ‘run’.

He later admitted stealing property from a car parked on a driveway in Carman Close, Watnall earlier the same night, Friday February 10.

The garage at the house next door had been broken into and a drill and petrol-driven saw stolen, said Robby Singh (prosecuting).

The owner found papers from the car next door, where a satnav and two mobile phones had been taken.

Not far away, in Coatsby Road, Kimberley, a householder discovered two mountain bikes, rucksacks, an axe and wine had been stolen from his garage.

“There was a light covering of snow and the owner followed the bike tracks,” said Mr Singh.

The householder came across one of his bikes and camping equipment. He continued following the tracks which led to Millfield Road, where the police were already present.

They had been called by a woman woken by the noise of a break-in at her garage.

The police had followed snow tracks to Packham Road, where they saw three men and arrested Timson.

The court heard he had prior convictions for burglary.