Corbyn wins support in ‘delighted’ Ashfield Labour group

Jeremy Corbyn MP and coun Lauren Mitchell.
Jeremy Corbyn MP and coun Lauren Mitchell.

Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory in Labour’s leadership election has been greeted with ‘delight’ by his supporters in Hucknall.

More than 15,000 people joined the party within 24 hours of the veteran left-winger’s triumph following a national campaign which excited hundreds of thousands of people across the country with a straight-talking alternative to austerity.

From left Labour couns Keir and Lachlan Morrison, with Corbyn Labour Islington North MP and coun Steve Battlemuch.

From left Labour couns Keir and Lachlan Morrison, with Corbyn Labour Islington North MP and coun Steve Battlemuch.

Coun Lauren Mitchell said: “First they ignored him, then they laughed at him, then we won. I am absolutely delighted that Jeremy Corbyn is now the leader of the labour party. The future is bright.

“He is building a great shadow cabinet and will provide a strong opposition to the Tories. Over 15,000 people have joined the party since Corbyn was elected as leader which speaks volumes. This movement will bring about hope and much needed change for the future.”

Coun Keir Morrison hailed Corbyn’s victory as ‘one of the most significant moments in the post-war era.’

He said: “Jeremy has now confirmed his shadow cabinet which consists of a shadow chancellor, John McDonnell MP, who will be relentless in challenging the Tories’ failed austerity agenda, which will plunge more people into poverty and create more inequality in Britain.

“The challenge and responsibility of us all in the Labour movement - not just Jeremy - is to get out there and win over (and win back) hearts and minds - that job starts today.”

His campaign has struck a chord with many young people hit by austerity measures - but is it enough to ensure victory at the ballot box in 2020? And will he win enough support from the rest ofa party he has so famously been at odds with?

Ashfield District Council’s leader Cheryl Butler was at the Labour party’s HQ in London when the results were announced. She said: “I am really pleased. I did vote for him and I think it’s the best result we could have hoped for. I think he has brought a lot of hope to a lot of people. I think that for too long the grassroots members haven’t been listened to. I think Tom Watson as deputy will change that.”

“Now we have to stop in-fighting and take the fight to the Tories.”

Corbyn has also invited Ashfield’s Gloria de Piero and Gedling’s Vernon Coaker to join his shadow cabinet.

Bulwell’s Labour MP Graham Allen added his support to the new leader. He said: “I think it’s an incredibly exciting time - politics will be done in a very different way. I think the party needs to get behind the new leader.

“Politics needs a good kick up the behind and Jeremy will make everyone think again. 
“Labour has lost two elections and we need to strip things back and figure out what we really stand for so we can win again.”

Sherwood’s Conservative MP Mark Spencer congratulated Jeremy Corbyn on winning the election, but added: “I have to say I’m deeply concerned about how his economic and security policies will affect the country.

“I think that people in general accept that some level spending reduction is necessary to balance the books, where as he is very open about his plans to borrow vast amounts more. He has also suggested that we don’t need to maintain our current levels of armed forces and that we should scale back, which I feel is misguided at a time when there are so many threats across the globe.”