Council allowances: Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas

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At the full meeting of Nottinghamshire County Council under item 10 (Review of the Committee System) an amendment was moved to have the Independent Remuneration Panel look at reviewing allowances in light of the controlling group (Labour’s) implementation of potential reductions of Committees.

All three opposition groups expressed the view that in light of the Labour administration’s move to change the responsibility of certain committees and reduce the frequency of some committee meetings, we felt that with the need to save money across the Authority, it is only right that these special responsibility allowances be scrutinised by the Independent Remuneration Panel.

In light of these changes, councillors should not be immune from austerity measures and must lead by example in fairness and share the burden with the residents of Nottinghamshire.

We independents voted for this amendment with the Liberals and Conservatives but to no avail, as Labour vetoed this amendment 35 to 29. I said at the meeting, “The County Council should be more transparent and give better value to the taxpayers”.

No wonder the public are so cynical about politicians, saying they are only in it for themselves.

Well your Labour County Councillors do not want to be scrutinised on value for money. After all as you know what they say “Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas”

Stephen Garner

Independent County Councillor