Council calls on MPs to fight cuts to spending kitty

A PLEA has been made to Bulwell’s Labour MP, Graham Allen, to take the fight to the government over stinging cuts to Nottingham City Council’s budget.

Changes to grant settlements from Westminster mean that the council is expecting to have £22 million less to spend.

Now the deputy leader, Coun Graham Chapman (Lab), has called on Mr Allen and fellow Nottingham Labour MPs Lilian Greenwood and Chris Leslie, to lobby the coalition government.

Coun Chapman said: “With the help of our MPs, I hope the government will change course and make the council’s funding settlement fairer.

“This government is unfairly cutting from cities in order to protect rural shire councils.

“That’s not fair and I hope our MPs can help the government see sense.”

Mr Allen said: “Nottingham MPs always work hard and lobby in Nottingham’s best interests.

“I, and I know my co-MPs Lilian and Chris, will be lobbying hard for the city council to get a fairer settlement.”