Council hires consultants to find new Hucknall cemetery plot

Hucknall Cemetary.
Hucknall Cemetary.

Time is running out for residents to be laid to rest at two Ashfield cemeteries due to lack of space.

Ashfield District Council have declared their intention to employ the services of consultants, at a cost of £30,000, to source new cemetery sites for both Hucknall and Sutton because the two towns’ graveyards are almost full.

The authority has agreed the action plan after discovering it could be just four years away from Hucknall’s Broomhill Road cemetery and Sutton’s Huthwaite Road cemetery reaching its capacity.

“The cemeteries at Hucknall and Sutton have a remaining capacity of approximately four to five years,” said a council spokesman.

“As new cemeteries can take up to three years or more to establish, the council is undertaking a feasibility study now for potential new burial sites in anticipation of the necessity for new cemeteries.”

According to the council, the £30,000 is the estimated cost of the study, subject to a tendering exercise.

The decision to go down this route was taken during a recent meeting with the Portfolio Holder and financial management.

Hucknall’s current cemetery has been plagued with problems for a number of years.

“There has been some difficult situations at Hucknall caused by the high water table,” said Coun John Wilmott. “And whenever there was a deluge it created problems but they were addressed at the time with remedial work.

“There was also a problem with surface water running off the park but this was dealt with and the problem alleviated.”

Due to the issues with the drainage, the cemetery can no longer offer double plots for people wanting to be buried together.

Coun Wilmott added: “It’s essential we find the right site and this is why we are getting specialists to ensure the land is suitable for digging and drainage.”

Sutton funeral director, Paul Wass of A Wass Funeral Directors of Stoneyford Road, said choosing the correct site was of great importance to the residents of Sutton.

“I hope a suitable site can be found near to the current cemetery,” said Mr Wass. “The location is really important and they should consider when looking at the options that the space is quiet, calm and dignified.

“I also think it would be of benefit if the council consult local funeral directors as part of the selection process as we have everyday knowledge of bereavement.”