Council hits its ‘environmental crime’ targets

EFFICIENT street-cleaning teams continue to hit their targets when it comes to clearing up litter and graffiti in Hucknall, a meeting has heard.

As part of a Neighbourhood Charter, Ashfield District Council is committed to tackling ‘environmental crimes’ within a certain time-frame.

Each category, including dealing with fly-tipping and dog fouling, has its own specific target.

The latest figures, for May, show the aims were met across the board in Hucknall.

The statistics reveal the average time taken to deal with reported problems. They read (target in brackets): Missing or damaged street-name plates six days (25 days); dog-fouling removal 1.1 days (two); fly-tipping removal 0.9 days (one); litter 1.7 days (two); non-offensive graffiti removal 2.7 days (three); street sweeping 1.5 days (two); and weeds on the street 2.4 days (three).

Ashfield Council officer Trevor Middleton said: “Our next project is to get more rubbish bins throughout Hucknall and the rest of the district. We hope one of these will be outside National Comprehensive School.”