Council’s stern licence warning for companies

BUSINESSES in Hucknall and neighbouring towns and villages are being warned to make sure they have the correct licences or risk being hauled before the courts and punished.

The alert has come from ASHFIELD DISTRICT COUNCIL after a Hucknall entrepreneur was prosecuted and slapped with a fine for breaching the law.

The man had been running a business without a correct massage and special-treatment licence, which resulted in fines and costs of £500 after a court case.

Officers from Ashfield Council make regular visits to companies and shops to make sure the public’s health and safety is not compromised by licensing breaches.

Beauty businesses, and particularly those that offer ultraviolet tanning services, are heavily regulated to ensure that the equipment is not misused.

A key role of officers is to make sure the tanning beds are not being used by under-18s, which is against the law, and to ensure that anyone using the equipment is made aware of the health risks.

Ashfield Council is one of the many Nottinghamshire licensing authorities who have been working hard to implement stringent conditions surrounding sun beds and will continue to take action against business owners who fail to comply.