Council-tax rise set to be rubberstamped for Bulwell

NOTTINGHAM City Council is expected to give the go-ahead next week to a 3.4% increase in the council-tax it charges residents of Bulwell.

The plan, which has been put forward by the ruling Labour group, will be discussed at a council meeting on Monday.

If rubberstamped, the rise would go against the government, which says local politicians have a ‘moral duty’ to freeze council-tax during the economic downturn.

It has even made grants available to offset the cash local councils would miss out on if they were to up their charges.

But the city council says the increase is needed because it has been unfairly penalised through a reduction in the funding it receives from Whitehall.

The council has already approved spending cuts of £20 million of its own from an overall budget of £277 million for the coming year.

Council-tax in Nottingham is made up of charges levied by the city council, the Police Authority and the Fire Authority.

The police authority has already ratified a 3.93% hike in their slice. It says this translates to preserving frontline officers for just a few pence each week.

Overall it means that households in Bulwell, living in band A properties, would see their total annual council-tax bill rise by £34.40 per year (from £1,041.39 to £1,075.79) from April 1.

For band B properties, the increase would be £40.13 (from £1,214.95 to £1,255.08). Most homes in Bulwell fall within bands A and B.