Councillors vote to cut their payments

Cheryl Butler
Cheryl Butler

Ashfield District Councillors have voted to cut their allowances to save the authority almost £30,000 a year.

At a meeting of the full council on Thursday Council leader Cheryl Butler said she welcomed the findings of the study carried out by the independent Remuneration Panel.

Councillors have voted to cut their basic allowances by £500 a year to £6,300.

The study conducted by the independent Remuneration Panel said the £500 per member savings would be awarded a performance basis only to members who attend 70 per cent of all their formal meetings.

The council leader’s Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) remains at £18,705 and the deputy leader remains at £14,032.

Council leader Cheryl Butler said she particularly welcomed the performance SRA part of the recommendations. She said: “ I hope all members will go forward and achieve 70 per cent attendance of their formal meetings.

“It is sometimes difficult for members of the public to realise what we actually do for our allowance.

“I know we are value for money and I hope this performance SRA will help the general public realise that we are too.

She added: “There have been further amendments on various special responsibility allowances which are well founded and backed up by evidence.

“All changes have ensured roles with similar responsibility levels are now aligned sensibly.

“It goes without saying that as responsibility diminishes, so should any allowance.”

Comparing allowances in and outside Nottinghamshire, Ashfield District Council was situated in the middle.