Country park ‘bomb’ was piece of metal

Bestwood country park
Bestwood country park

A SUSPECTED bomb that was found near Bestwood Country Park proved to be just a harmless piece of metal.

The alarm was raised by a member of the public who spotted the item on a driveway in the area of Bestwood Lodge Drive last Saturday morning.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokeswoman said an Army bomb disposal team was called in because of fears that the discovery could be an old unexploded grenade from the Second World War era.

“We took some precautions and we cordoned off the site for a short time,” said the spokeswoman. “But we did not consider there was a need for any local houses to be evacuated.”

Tension arose as the bomb disposal team arrived at the site and walked up to examine the item. But, to everyone’s relief, it proved to be completely ‘non-suspicious’.

Normality was restored as the cordon was lifted by midday.

A TV crew from BBC East Midlands Today descended on the scene after being alerted to the ‘bomb’ scare, only to find that it all amounted to an anticlimax. The item raised a smile as a tailpiece to the Saturday evening news programme.

Bestwood can rarely be said to hit the headlines in this way and residents of the village were stunned when they realised what had happened on their doorstep.

Coun Denis Beeston, chairman of Bestwood Parish Council, said: “It is not often we get such a dramatic occurrence in the village.

“However, I firmly believe the right thing was done to call in the bomb disposal team. You can’t be too careful when something like this happens and it is certainly better to be safe than sorry.

“Who knows? There may well be quite a few unexploded bombs or grenades still undiscovered in different parts of the country after the war.”

A village resident said: “It just shows how something as innocuous as a bit of metal can spark an emergency. I feel quite bewildered about it all.”

On a humorous note, the ‘bomb’ scare happened close to a compound where poultry are kept. The chickens, who were shown in the TV news feature, strutted around and seemed blissfully unconcerned about all the fuss.

No-one from the country park has so far been available for comment.

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