Couple clash with Ashfield Homes in move ‘trauma’

WHY SHOULD WE MOVE? -- Dave Dominic and partner Maggie Venables, who has multiple sclerosis -- DISPIC NHUD12-2021-3
WHY SHOULD WE MOVE? -- Dave Dominic and partner Maggie Venables, who has multiple sclerosis -- DISPIC NHUD12-2021-3

A HUCKNALL man and his disabled partner are facing the trauma of having to move from the house where they live.

Ashfield Homes claims that Dave Dominic and Maggie Venables should not be residing at the council-owned address on Elizabeth Close.

A spokeswoman said the three-bedroom property was meant for more than just two people to occupy.

Dave said his ex-wife, Sue, left the address when they split up about four years ago. He later met Maggie, who has the debilitating condition progressive multiple sclerosis (MS).

“When Maggie moved in with me, an occupational therapist recommended a wet room for her,” said Dave. “I approached Ashfield Homes, who told me my ex-wife’s name needed to be removed from the tenancy agreement.

“I was told that once Sue’s name was taken off, another tenancy agreement would be issued with my name on.

“It came like a bolt from the blue when Ashfield Homes told me I could not have a sole tenancy and that we would have to move somewhere smaller. We don’t want to move because I have put a lot of work into the house and garden, and I have set up a leather workshop here.

“We have been given six months from June 13 to leave the house. What are we going to do about our three pets — two cats and a dog?”

“I could understand it if we were causing a nuisance and making lots of noise but we have done nothing wrong.”

Ashfield Homes’s tenancy services manager, Nicky Moss, denied that Dave was told he would get a sole tenancy agreement when his ex-wife’s name was removed.

She stressed: “Where there is a relationship breakdown and one party brings the tenancy to an end, Ashfield District Council considers the best use of housing stock before granting further tenancies. This is due to the demand for family-type accommodation. Improvements are carried out at the tenants’ own expense and risk.

“Tenants living in a house or bungalow have consent to keep one dog and/or one cat without written permission.”

The company’s director of housing, Kelly Scott, said Dave had been given the chance to switch to smaller accommodation and was offered support for the move.