Court tells man to clean up eyesore garden


A COUNCIL tenant in Bulwell has been ordered to clean up his garden and keep it tidy — or face the threat of eviction.

Gavin Richards (29) was taken to Nottingham Magistrates Court over the state of his garden at Calder Walk.

Nottingham City Homes (NCH), which maintains the property on behalf of Nottingham City Council, made several attempts to encourage him to clean up the space and clear garden waste.

When officers visited the property, they found that the front yard had been used as a dumping ground. Items such as stereo speakers, tyres, fencing, wood, empty boxes, paper, a carpet and even a cupboard door had been dumped.

A district judge ordered Richards to comply with his tenancy agreement and keep his garden tidy and dispose of all waste.

Richards must also pay court costs of £500.

The order will last until March 31 next year. If he breaches the ruling, he could face further legal action or could be kicked out of his home.

Gill Moy, director of housing services at NCH, said: “Residents quite rightly become frustrated by the minority of tenants who have untidy and neglected gardens, which does have a negative impact on the area.

“It is a tenancy condition that gardens must be maintained to an acceptable standard, and we do work with our tenants to encourage that.

“However when they do not comply, court action may be taken against them.”

BULWELL residents who have gardens to be proud of are being encouraged to to take part in the annual Best Garden Competition run by NCH.

The closing date for entries is Friday June 24. To take part visit