‘Cowardly’ dad beat girlfriend to death in front of their toddler

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A “COWARDLY” dad from Bulwell has been caged for life after brutally beating his partner to death in front of their two-year-old daughter.

Sanchez Williams (27), of Lathkill Close, will be behind bars for at last 15 years after admitting the murder of 21-year-old Casey Brittle.

Nottingham Crown Court was told that their toddler could be heard crying, screaming and shouting: “I want my mummy” as Williams battered Miss Brittle in her home on Springfield Street, New Basford.

Four times the little girl walked into the room where the bloody attack took place. But on each occasion, cold-blooded Williams led her out and assured her everything was OK.

In truth, Miss Brittle was dying from the injuries inflicted on her by Williams, who kicked, punched and stamped on her in the early hours of Sunday October 3 last year.

After the attack, the little girl curled up at the foot of her mum’s bed for two hours and fell asleep.

Williams later spoke to a friend and an ambulance was called for Miss Brittle. She died on the way to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.

A post-mortem revealed she suffered a succession of blows to the head. Part of her ear was missing, she had cuts above both eyes, which were swollen shut, and her jaw was fractured in two places.

In passing sentence, Judge Michael Stokes said: “This was, in my judgment, a prolonged, brutal and cowardly attack on this young woman. She was in no position at all to defend herself from what you did to her.”

The public gallery in court included Miss Brittle’s parents, Victoria Blower and Richard Brittle.

Applause erupted when Williams was given his life sentence.

Judge Stokes said that in the 70 murder cases he had dealt with, there were few others where he had seen or heard evidence of such brutal injuries having been inflicted by someone’s hand.

Speaking directly to Williams, who sat with his head bowed, the judge added: “What makes it worse is that you did this in part in front of your own daughter.”

The court heard that Williams and Miss Brittle had been together for four years. But there had been a history of violence in the relationship.

During a brief split last May, Williams turned up at a clothes shop in the Victoria Centre, Nottingham where Miss Brittle was working.

After slapping her, he dragged her into a cubicle and continued to beat her.

Despite this, the couple got back together last September. Miss Brittle confessed to having seen another man while she was estranged from Williams.

It is believed that this brief relationship sparked Williams’s violent explosion on the night he killed Miss Brittle.

The court heard that a neighbour was woken at 4.25 am and could hear Williams screaming.

Williams was asking if Miss Brittle had slept with someone else. Miss Brittle could be heard whimpering and repeatedly saying no.

The shouting and violence continued for 40 minutes until everything suddenly went quiet.

Williams gave himself up to police on Monday October 4.

In mitigation, Trevor Burke (defending) told the court that it was not a pre-meditated killing.

“If he (Williams) could turn the clock backm, he would,” added Mr Burke.

The court heard that Miss Brittle’s father was devastated by the loss of his only child.

Miss Brittle’s mother took care of her grand-daughter, who was now three. She still frequently asked where her mummy was.

After the hearing, Det Con Kate Meynell, who led the police investigation, said: “Williams is a violent man who had a history of abusing his partners and making them fear him.

“He will now spend many years in prison for his appalling crime in robbing this young woman of her life and leaving her family devastated.

“Casey was well-known and popular and she dearly loved her young daughter. She touched the lives of many people and they will treasure her memory.

“Now that Williams has finally admitted to his dreadful crime, I hope, in some way, it will help Casey’s family try and find a way of dealing with their loss and to cope with life without her.”