Crack dealer caught after trying to run

Cameron Bateman of Wenlock Drive, Hucknall was sentenced to four-and-a half-years
Cameron Bateman of Wenlock Drive, Hucknall was sentenced to four-and-a half-years
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A crack-cocaine and heroin dealer from Hucknall who threw away Class A drugs in a Nottingham street as he tried to escape arrest has been jailed for more than four years.

Cameron Bateman was about to carry out a drug deal in Pleasant Row, Hyson Green, at about 12.20pm on 3 July when he and a group of other men were spotted by two plain clothes police officers who were in the area on routine inquiries.

The officers approached the men and Bateman was detained, struggling with the officer who was making the arrest, which caused a quantity of cash to fall from Bateman’s pockets on to the street.

Bateman escaped briefly after another man he was with, Alex Cobb, assaulted the officer.

As he ran, Bateman discarded a bundle which included eight wraps of heroin and two of crack-cocaine before he was detained by the second officer on neighbouring St Paul’s Avenue.

Cobb did manage to evade arrest, but dropped a bag at the scene.

Inside the bag were four smaller bags containing quantities of cannabis prepared for sale.

He was tracked down to a YMCA Hostel in Nottingham the following day and detained there.

Cobb later pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis with intent to supply and was jailed for ten months.

Bateman, 20, of Wenlock Drive, Hucknall, was charged with possession of heroin and crack-cocaine, but pleaded not guilty.

Following a trial at Nottingham Crown Court last week , Cameron Bateman was convicted and sentenced on Tuesday 21 July to four-and-a-half years in prison.