Crafty kids fall in love with Big Draw

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YOUNGSTERS got creative in the community during the school half-term holiday with a number of free events across the Dispatch district.

Organised in conjunction with Notts County Council, The Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing.

It has grown into a month-long festival throughout October all over the UK in a bid to encourage more people to get into art in whatever form it may take.

A variety of creative activities were organised in Hucknall, taking place at The Holgate Gallery on Baker Street, Butlers Hill and Broomhill SureStart Children’s Centre on Broomhill Road and many other community venues under the title ‘Flying The Flag For Hucknall’.

One project involved children creating the individual sections of bunting, which then went on display

“We had a really great community involvement,” said community development worker at the SureStart centre, Michelle Squires.

“There was a full programme of free events throughout the week, which were very well attended.”

Some of the events involved artists who led the way by giving those taking part inspiration and assistance.

n OUR PHOTOS show LEFT, Luka and Joel Gospel with their newspaper portraits created at The Gallery in Hucknall and RIGHT, 16-month-old Joseph Harmer and his father, Paul, at a Big Draw event in Bestwood Village — DISPIC NHUD12-2759-2 and NHUD12-2728-1