Crash death toll prompts police safety plea

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Nottinghamshire police are urging people to take extra care on the roads after the number of people killed in crashes in the county this year leapt by 20 per cent in just nine days.

Six people have been killed and several others have been seriously injured in a series of recent crashes.

Temporary Superintendent Andy Hall, who is head of Tactical Operations for the force’s Operation Support Unit, said: “I would like to issue a plea to everyone to take care on the roads.

“I want you to enjoy the festive period. It’s a time to spend with your families and be happy. We don’t want anyone to have to go through the tragedy that has struck the county’s roads over the last few days.

“Please slow down, don’t drive if you’ve had a drink and take note of the effects alcohol can have on you the next day. Make sure that everyone you get into a car with is fit for the journey and if you’re driving don’t get distracted.”

With the bad weather predicted over the next few days drivers are asked to drive appropriately to the road conditions.

T/ Supt Hall added: “I want everyone to have a really happy Christmas with their families. Don’t rush, just get there safely.”