Addict jailed after tuna and denture cream thefts

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A Mansfield heroin addict has been jailed for 16 weeks after admitting stealing denture cream while on a suspended sentence.

Mansfield magistrates were told how Annalise Cuthbertson (20), of Hatton Court, was also seen stocking up on nine tins of tuna and 12 cans of salmon worth £48.90 at Tesco Express and leaving without paying.

Steve Turner, prosecuting, said Cuthbertson made a full and frank admission after being arrested for the thefts.

The court was told how Cuthbertson was a prolific shoplifter and had committed the latest offences just a couple of weeks after being given a suspended sentence.

Deborah Bell, defending, said Cuthbertson shoplifted to fund her addiction to hard drugs after falling in with prolific offenders since moving to Sutton from Kettering a few years ago.

Said Ms Bell: “Miss Cuthbertson has been living with her partner and his family but now has a home on the Oaktree Lane Estate - it is her own place for the first time and removes her from Sutton.”

Ms Bell told the court how Cuthbertson was on a high dosage of legal heroin substitute Methadone but this had been suspended after she failed to attend a pick-up appointment due to ill health.

She added: “Miss Cuthbertson has been cooperating with her drugs worker and now she is back on Methadone, will not need to go out and commit acquisitive crime.

“It is a difficult case because Miss Cuthbertson is not a young lady who does not attend her supervision appointments.

“The reason for her offending is drug use.”

But a magistrate said, despite thinking long and hard about her case, Cuthbertson continued to shoplift and enough was enough.

She was given four weeks in jail for each count of theft, to run concurrently.

The bench also activated the 12-week sentence which had been suspended before her latest shoplifting offences.

This term will run consecutively.