Annesley man's legal fight to spare "dangerous" dog's life

Annesley Cutting, Annesley
Annesley Cutting, Annesley

An Annesley man will face a court to argue his dog should not be destroyed after it got loose and bit a runner through three layers of clothing.

Chris Miller's Lurcher Ollie escaped through a gap in fencing and attacked the woman, on Annesley Cutting, at 1pm, on April 2.

"It is believed that it was wearing an electronic tag around its neck and I think the idea was that it would "zap" the dog if it went out, but that didn't happen," said prosecutor Daniel Church.

"She describes the dog previously growling at her."

Tim Haines, mitigating, said Miller, of previous good character, accepted that the injury was caused by the dog.

"He would argue against the presumption that the dog should be destroyed and will have it assessed by a specialist," he said.

"The dog has been in his family for seven years."

Miller, 48, of Annesley Cutting, admitted being in charge of a dog that was dangerously out of control, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

The case was adjourned until January 27, for a hearing to consider whether the dog is destroyed or not.

He was bailed on condition his dog is kept muzzled and on a leash in a public place, and it must be supervised by someone over 18.

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