Bipolar man accuses worker

Nottingham Crown Court.
Nottingham Crown Court.

A 54-year-old man had to be placed in a Bulwell hospital after accusing a Post Office worker of being a terrorist, a court heard.

Sarjeet Singh Digpal spent three months at Highbury Hospital on Highbury Road after he was sectioned, at the request of his worried family, under the Mental Health Act.

Nottingham Magistrates’ Court heard that Digpal made the accusation against a female member of staff at the post office on Queen Street, Nottingham on Thursday 9th January.

Anna Pierrepont, prosecuting, said: “He shouted that the woman was a racist Pakistani with a bomb tied to her back.”

“The woman said she felt frightened. She was upset and angry that the man had judged her on her appearance.

“A normal day at work had ended up changing how safe she felt.”

Digpal, who is now reunited with his family and living at Acorn Bank, West Bridgford, pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated offence of using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Ian Boddy, defending, said: “Had the woman been aware that Mr Digpal was mentally ill at the time, she might have been able to put things into context.

“While at Highbury Hospital, he was diagnosed as bipolar, which is a terrible, debilitating condition that can cause erratic behaviour.

“He is extremely apologetic. He has no recollection of why he was there or of what he was saying.

“He did not intend to cause any distress and was not aware of what he was doing. He was not responsible for his actions.

“After seeking help, he is now more like his normal self, although he is likely to be on medication for the rest of his life.”

Digpal was given a conditional discharge for 12 months. He was ordered to pay £150 court costs and also £100 compensation to the victim.