Boozy woman punched ex for playing X-box for 17 hours in Mansfield

Langford Road, Mansfield
Langford Road, Mansfield

A woman drank "the best part of of a bottle of vodka" before assaulting her Mansfield boyfriend when he ignored her after playing on his X-box for 17 hours.

Katy Sandby got out of bed and hit him in the face during the row at his Langford Road address, on April 17, said prosecutor Robert Carr.

She then picked up the games console and threw it across the room.

When he rang the police she shouted at him aggressively, and he thought she would assault him again, so he went outside.

Michael Little, mitigating, said the six-month relationship between Sandby, 44, and the 25-year-old man was now over, and she was homeless, after moving from the Worksop area.

"She was asking him to come to bed," he said. "He declined and effectively ignored her."

He said the problems stemmed from her 11-year dependency on alcohol, and she had experienced cocaine and heroin problems in the past.

He said Sandby is now sleeping rough in the Worksop area after she was evicted from the Hope for Homeless shelter.

"She needs assistance," Mr Little said. "She says she is at rock bottom."

Probation officer Raqia Bano said: "On the day of the offence her partner had been playing X-box for 17 hours and she was angry because he wasn't paying any attention to her.

"She said she could remember lashing out. She has shown genuine remorse. She was unable to explain why she reacted with physical violence except to say she had suffered domestic violence in the past."

Sandby, of no fixed abode, admitted assault when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

She was given a 12 month community order, with 30 days of rehabilitation activity, and a six month alcohol treatment requirement.

She was ordered to pay an £85 government surcharge and £85 court costs.