Bulwell drug addict guilty of shoplifting

A Bulwell drug addict spent Christmas in prison after a string of shoplifting offences, a court was told.

Martin Lynes (44), of Hornbeam Gardens, Snape Wood, pleaded guulty to seven charges of thefts from shops during November and December last year.

Because he was in breach of a 12-month restraining order, imposed in August for harassment, Lynes was remanded in custody after he was arrested.

This meant that he was behind bars from Saturday 21st December until his hearing at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court this week, missing all the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“It was very stressful for him, especially as he was unable to see his mother, who is in a care home, suffering from dementia,” said Clare Roberts (defending).

The court heard that, on each occasion, Lynes picked up the items and left the stores without paying, only to be identified later on CCTV.

Miss Roberts accepted that Lynes, formerly of Mulberry Gardens, Bulwell, had a criminal record “that is not to be proud of.”

But she said the offences were inextricably linked to his long-standing drug-addiction.

“If we could take the addiction away, there would be no offending,” she said.

“He has tried to combat the addiction himself, but he doesn’t have a lot of family support.

“He has not been on drugs while in custody, so he feels he is ready to take this on, with the support of the community.

“He is now living with one of his few friends who is not a drug user.”

After reading a report by the probation service, the Bench agreed to impose a community order for 12 months.

This was to include not only supervision by probation officers but also help from them with his drug problems.

Lynes was ordered to pay £274.99 compensation to the shops he had stolen from, plus a victim surcharge of £60.