Bulwell lodger gets three years for arson attack

A lodger who set fire to his hosts’ front door in Bulwell when refused entry because he was drunk, has been jailed for three years and four months.

The female occupant went to bed after speaking to him but was woken by the smoke alarm at the ground floor flat in Spindle Gardens, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

She saw flames around the top of the door and in panic jumped out of her bedroom window.

She alerted a man in an upstairs flat, who looked out and saw accused David Enright sitting in a chair outside the front of the premises.

The 50-year-old pleaded guilty to arson with reckless disregard for life on the evening of 25th April.

Until then he had been a friend of the woman’s partner, a man described as blind, said Ian Way, prosecuting on Friday.

Enright had been staying at the flat for about a month and was ‘tolerated’ although he was frequently drunk.

That evening he had been drinking when he returned with a dog. The woman took the dog but shut the door on Enright who banged on it and shouted ‘silly woman’.

Enright was abusive and obstructive when the fire service arrived, said Mr Way, and the police were called.

Enright said to them: “Is it because I started the fire?”

He had numerous previous convictions including grievous bodily harm and wounding dating back to the 1980s but the offences had tailed off to mainly being drunk and disorderly, the court heard.

In mitigation it was said Enright did not remember starting the fire but recalled putting it out.

Judge Michael Stokes, the Recorder of Nottingham, told Enright he had put the fire out because a neighbour had told him to.

A psychiatrist had found he was not mentally ill although there were issues as to his personality.

Jailing him, the judge said: “Anyone who starts a fire like this runs the risk of it spreading.”