Bulwell man caught with drugs twice in two days now hopes to turn his life around

A Bulwell man who was found with drugs by police twice within the space of two days is determined to turn his life around, a court has heard.

Officers working as part of Operation Compass, a Nottingham city centre initiative to tackle anti-social behaviour, found Martin Plunkett in a semi-conscious state, on Friar Lane, on April 18.

Michael Little, prosecuting, said the 34-year-old was in the company of other known drug users and there was a strong smell of mamba.

A burnt-out nub under him was found to be a mamba spliff, and, when he was roused and searched, a bottle of methadone in someone else's name was found in his pocket.

Nottingham Magistrates Court.

Two days later he was stopped on Radford Road, where a small quantity of cannabis was taken from his pocket and a quantity of mamba was found in his underpants.

The court heard he has 28 previous convictions for 54 offences, including ten previous drug offences.

Plunkett, who represented himself, said: "The methadone belonged to a friend, I was just holding it for him.

"I am not like that any more. I don't take any drugs anymore. This time it's working. I would just like to carry on.

"I spent eight months on remand for something I didn't do. It broke me. I just don't want you to do anything that will put me back.

"I don't commit crimes any more. I am doing everything in my power to get a job. I was on 120 mls of methadone. I am coming off it as fast as I can."

He told the court about his plans to be reunited with his son.

Plunkett, of Spruce Gardens, admitted four counts of possessing the class A and B drugs, when he appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

The presiding magistrate told him: "You spoke very well about your situation. You have been very honest. Your drug workers are encouraged by the progress you're making.

"These matters should have been dealt with the last time you were in court. We don't want to see you back again."

They imposed a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay a £22 surcharge and £38 costs.