Bulwell man on trial accused of murdering partner in 'ferocious' stabbing captured on security camera she installed days earlier

A Bulwell man, who denies murder, has gone on trial accused of stabbing and strangling his estranged partner in a ferocious attack that was captured on a video camera she installed just days before she was killed.

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 3:26 pm
The trial started this week, with the jury being shown harrowing footage of the attack
The trial started this week, with the jury being shown harrowing footage of the attack

A jury at Nottingham Crown Court has heard that it is alleged Matthew Farmer, 42, attacked Stacey Clay in the back garden of her home on Andover Road, Bestwood, at around 6am on May 19, last year.

Prosecutor John Cammegh said Ms Clay received emergency treatment for 21 stab wounds, but died at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) on Wednesday, June 2.

Because Farmer, of Logan Street, Bulwell, has pleaded not guilty to murder, the jury was shown harrowing CCTV and police body-cam footage of the attack before he was dragged away and Tasered by officers.

Mr Cammegh said Ms Clay had given a statment to police an hour before, and officers had been looking for Farmer at his parents’ home on Logan Street.

“He is a big man,” said Mr Cammegh. “Stacey is powerless to stop him. All she can do is scream and repeatedly beg him to stop.”

In “an act of conspicuous courage” one officer leapt on to Farmer’s back. Arrving seconds later, another officer Tasered him.

As he was being handcuffed, Farmer was heard to say: "I hope she's dead."

“The sheer ferocity with which the defendant attacked Ms Clay in a prolonged knife attack, culminating in strangulation, will leave you in no doubt that he intended to kill her,” Mr Cammegh told the court.

He told the jury on Thursday, January 13, about the final 17 days of Ms Clay’s life.

On May 2, the court heard that Farmer took an overdose after Ms Clay texted him to say their 15-year relationship was over.

“Over the days that followed his behaviour became persistently demanding and increasingly intimidating,” said Mr Cammegh.

It is alleged Farmer shouted threats outside Ms Clay’s home, vandalised her back garden and sent explicit images of Ms Clay to her mother.

After police seized his phone and warned him not to approach the house again, Ms Clay had a CCTV camera fitted to cover the rear of her property.

On the same day he is said to have bombarded her with 53 video calls and messages sent from his mother's Facebook account.

Ms Clay called 999 after becoming aware of him outside her living room window and Farmer was arrested at his parents' house.

“Unfortunately he was released on police bail the next day with instructions not to contact Stacey or go to Andover Road,” said Mr Cammegh.

Things were “relatively quiet” on May 16 and 17, but Ms Clay was awoken at 2.30am, on May 18, by a CCTV alert.

"Sinister” footage showed Farmer approaching her house, wearing a grey hoodie, emblazoned a big white skull and the word ‘Punisher’.

The jury was told that Ms Clay told police she was “so frightened she couldn't leave the house.”

CCTV footage from the Tesco Extra, in Bulwell, where Farmer worked as a security guard, showed him buying a knife and then repeatedly stabbing his desk, “as if he is trying it out,” said Mr Cammegh.

In the early hours of May 19, Ms Clay, “unable to sleep through fear,” was watching the CCTV when she saw someone step over her back garden fence.

Farmer breathed on the kitchen window as if to mist the glass and obscure the camera.

Ms Clay called the police and two officers attended at 3.30am.

“She forwarded them two video clips of Farmer prowling around the kitchen window, but when they searched the back garden they found no one,” said Mr Cammegh.

“At 5.40am they arrived at his parents' address but he wasn't there. He was still close to Stacey's house, lying in wait to attack Stacey.

“She was not to know the defendant was either in, or very close, to her back garden.”

Shortly before 6am the CCTV camera showed her going out into the back garden in her dressing gown to smoke a cigarette.

A neighbour “recoiled and turned away in terror” when she saw the alleged attack by Farmer.

The trial continues.