Bulwell man threw Mamba over prison wall

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A Bulwell man who threw mamba over prison walls has now been locked up himself.

Donelle McDonald threw more than 14 grams of Mamba and over 20 grams of tobacco into HMP Nottingham on 11 April 2018.

The police investigation found he had arranged to throw the package to inmate Kane Price, who was a prisoner there until 30 April and had access to an illegally-held mobile phone.

However the package was intercepted after security guards spotted McDonald on CCTV throwing it over the walls.

Price, 31, had already been dealt with at Nottingham Crown Court in October when he was recalled to prison and given a seven-month sentence for bringing or conveying a prohibited article into HMP Nottingham in 11 April.

McDonald, formerly of Latham Street, Bulwell, was given a six-month prison sentence at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday (6 December) after pleading guilty to throwing a prohibited item into HMP Nottingham.

He was also sentenced to a further 12-months, to run consecutively, for making a false declaration at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court to get a speeding ban reduced.

McDonald had been given six points on his licence and banned from driving until he passed a driving test when he failed to attend court in February in relation to the motoring offence on 31 July 2017 in Beeston. However he attended Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on 19 April to sign a statutory declaration that he had not received papers relating to the offence, and his sentence was reduced to three points on his licence and a two-week driving ban.

He claimed the papers were sent to his grandmother’s address and that she may have filled them in without his knowledge. However, when police investigated it was discovered his grandmother had died nearly eight months before he even committed the speeding offence.

Detective Constable Peter Mount, who led the investigation, said: “McDonald ultimately landed himself in prison for six months by trying to throw drugs over the wall of one.

“The additional 12-month sentence shows that lying in court is taken extremely seriously.”