Bulwell man tore clump of hair from his partner’s head and smashed up her car in terrifying attack

A Bulwell man who tore a clump of hair from his partner’s head and wrote off her car has been spared an immediate prison sentence.

Thursday, 26th May 2022, 2:53 pm

Denver McCalla smashed the rear window of her car with a plastic drawstring bag, before climbing through to grab her hair, prosecutor Stefan Fox said.

"I could see the anger in his eyes," she told police later. "The look on his face was pure evil. Through the whole incident I felt scared for my life."

While she sought refuge in a nearby house, McCalla kept jumping on the roof of the financed car, causing so much damage it was written off.

Nottingham Crown Court.

A witness described her ‘clutching a chunk of auburn hair in her hand’ and said she was ‘frightened, crying, shaking’ and ‘appeared terrified.’

“She was frantically asking them not to let him into the house, saying ‘he will kill me,’” said Mr Fox.

When he was arrested on November 1 last year, McCalla, aged 33, was abusive and headbutted the wire cage of the police vehicle as he was taken into custody.

He was released on bail with conditions not to contact the woman, but turned up at her home shortly afterwards, demanding money for cannabis.

He grabbed her by the throat, ‘causing instant pain.’ In her statement she said: “At that moment I froze. I was terrified.

“I didn’t report it to the police because I was scared of what he would do if he found out.”

Nottingham Crown Court heard he has 17 previous convictions for 31 offences, including common assault and was last in trouble for headbutting his partner and damaging her car.

Matthew Smith, mitigating, said his last relevant conviction was five years old and he is ‘clearly someone who would benefit from intensive work.’ He used cannabis to tackle anxiety and depression, and no restraining order was requested.

McCalla, of Lathkill Close, pleaded guilty to assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

On Thursday, Judge Simon Mayo told him: “There’s absolutely no doubt that you deserve to go to custody and what you’re not to do is blame your partner.”

The judge said he wouldn't get any help if he was jailed, so passed a 19-month sentence, suspended for two years, with 40 rehabilitation days. He must also attend the building better relationships programme.