Bulwell police officers seize van with 'sticker for number plate'

The van with the sticker for plates.
The van with the sticker for plates.

A van has been seized by police in Basford after it was found to have a sticker for its number plate.

Nottinghamshire Police officers found the vehicle in Northgate, which had the sticker displaying a foreign number plate.

It was part of a group the officers had already seized four vehicles from in the area, which started with a Mercedes in Willow Hill Close in July.

A spokesman for Bulwell, Rise Park and Highbury Vale Police said: "After leaving a meeting in the city, we came back via Northgate and couldn't leave without checking this beauty.

"With a sticker for a front number plate, we weren't very surprised that it was on false foreign plates.

"Then who should walk around the corner? The pair from the blue van with the guitar in the front.

"We have taken four vehicles from this group now, which started with the Mercedes from Willow Hill Close in July, and moving to Basford hasn't helped them.

"Neither did the unlucky horseshoes in the front windscreen."