Charity warning about cold callers

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A charity for disabled children is urging householders to be on their guard after a pensioner was targeted by a dishonest doorstep seller.

The elderly woman paid £4 for a calender from a man claiming to be fundraising for charity Fairplay.

Tony Duly, co-ordinator at the charity, said the man, described as well-spoken and middle-aged, had asked for a donation to help pay for a new minibus after producing what seemed like a legitimate identification badge.

But his victim became suspicious after he had left her property and contacted the charity immediately after searching for them on the internet.

Said Tony: “As a charity we are dependant on fundraising and we provide a service for young people with life-limiting conditions.

“To think that people are using that to get money under false pretences - it is just not nice.

“The thing is, we know this is not right because we do not cover Nottinghamshire - the closest we come is Pinxton or South Normanton.”

Tony said the charity had since received another call reporting the same man attempting to sell products he claimed were theirs to unsuspecting householders.

He added that members of the public would know if items were genuine Fairplay products as they would only be offered Christmas cards with a the charity’s registered mark on the back.

“It is very difficult,” he added, “because more often than not people are going to be more vulnerable when asked for donations to a charity.

“This kind of thing pulls on people’s heart strings - especially at Christmas time.”

“If anyone tries to sell you a calender you should ask for a phone number to check it is legitimate then close the door to make the call.

“They will probably not be there by the time you open the door again if it is not.”