Clampdown on car cruising in Hucknall area is hailed a big success

Police attending one of the many car cruises that take place up and down the country.
Police attending one of the many car cruises that take place up and down the country.

Residents in the Hucknall area have been thanked for their help in a successful clampdown on car cruising.

An operation to tackle car cruising near junction 27 of the M1 was launched by the police and Ashfield District Council towards the end of last year after complaints by local people.

Car-owners were not only meeting to show off their vehicles but also racing and driving dangerously. It attracted large crowds and triggered anti-social behaviour,

However, the operation has led to positive results, with fixed-penalty notices and warnings issued.

Sgt Jim Flint, of the police, said: “We are committed to road safety and reducing anti- social behaviour that affects other road users, local residents and businesses. Everyone should feel safe using public roads.

“As a neighbourhood policing team, we prioritise our efforts on the issues which are causing the most concern to the local community.

“Although it may not be the aim of everybody attending car cruises to cause anti-social behaviour, it has been an unintended consequence over the years.

“The cumulative effect of a large number of vehicles gathering on public roads does cause a nuisance to the general public.

“When some people decide to take it further by driving dangerously, this makes it even worse. It's safe to say the local community has had enough and that was why Ashfield District Council obtained a Public Spaces Protection Order to prevent it.

“The operation started in December 2019 and we’ve had some really successful results so far. I encourage members of the community to continue telling us about the things which matter to them.

“Thankyou to the vast majority of people for understanding what we're doing and why we're doing it.

“For those who may be tempted to go back, please be assured there will be a police presence, it may not be visible,  but you will be dealt with by means of a fixed penalty notice of £100. This doesn't just cover drivers, but also passengers and spectators. “

Coun Daniel Williamson, Cabinet member for community safety at the council. said: “Car cruising is dangerous. This should act as a warning to those who think it is OK to behave in this anti-social way. 

“We will not tolerate lives being put at risk.”