Desert bikers warned

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Off-road bikers who continue to use The Desert in Mansfield could find themselves with a criminal record.

Police are warning a zero tolerance approach to those who illegally ride quad bikes, mini-motos and off-road motorbikes in the sandy area at the Oak Tree Lane Estate.

Those found using the area could face arrest, a fine and six points on their licence and their vehicles seized.

Operation Nebraska was launched in April 2008 to tackle illegal off-road biking but officers have reported a rise in incidents in the last few weeks.

The Desert is part of an area owned by Lafarge, UK Coal and Forestry Commission.

Police Community Support Officer Kath Spowage said the force would carry out additional patrols of the area to prevent it from becoming a target for illegal biking.

She said: “This land is privately owned and using it for off-road biking is illegal.

“As the weather improves we are concerned more people will be out on their bikes and we want to spell out the fact that we will take action.

“We have got real safety concerns about children and adults using these machines illegally on public roads and in places like The Desert and we will prosecute where necessary.”