Drug addict jailed after headphone theft

News from the courts.
News from the courts.

A Mansfield drug addict who committed two thefts has been jailed after his community order was revoked.

Maxim Kizenko, 26 of Sandy Lane pleaded guilty to stealing a pair of headphones from HMV Mansfield, worth £179.99 on 23rd February.

He also admitted stealing food items valued at £2.58 from Aldi on 16th April.

He told police he had stolen the headphones to sell on to fund his heroin addiction.

The court heard from his probation officer that he had shown no commitment to previous community orders, had not picked up his prescription for methadone had kept no appointments with probation and had not signed on for benefits. Magistrates revoked a previous community penalty and jailed Kizenko for a total of 12 weeks for the thefts.