Drug psychosis woman's savage attack on cop trying to save her life in Sutton

B&Q in Sutton
B&Q in Sutton

A woman with drug-induced psychosis who sank her teeth into a police officer's arm as he risked his life trying to stop her running into oncoming traffic in Sutton, has been jailed.

Kelly Labrum was taken to King's Mill Hospital after she was found walking around without clothes, but left shortly afterwards, on July 17.

Police were later called to the B&Q carpark, where she had damaged the store's window, scratched the paintwork and twisted the wing mirror of one car, and snapped the aerial and damaged the window of another.

"While they tried to detain her she lay down in the road," said prosecutor Sarah Sanderson.

"She struggled and tried to run into oncoming traffic and the PC had to restrain her.

"She bit him on the arm, causing "immense pain", and wouldn't let go.

"As he shouted out, she couldn't bite down hard enough and other officers had to intervene to prise her off him."

The court heard the PC received a tetanus shot, and was left waiting to find out if a disease had been transferred, after Labrum openly admitted to injecting drugs.

In a statement the officer said: "Words can't say enough how I feel at this time."

The day before, Ms Sanderson said Labrum assaulted a security guard at Asda, by hitting him over the head and spitting in his face, as she tried to steal £196 of goods.

When she was placed in a holding room, she and a male co-accused knocked a hole in the wall and scrawled graffiti.

In a police car on the way to the station, she kicked out at windows, then spat and licked the back of the car, requiring it to be deep cleaned.

Chris Wall, mitigating, said Labrum, 20, was a vulnerable young woman, who suffers from anxiety, depression and a personality disorder, as well as drug induced psychosis.

"The reality is she doesn't remember anything of what happened," he said. "One month later she is very polite and coherent.

"She has spent four weeks in custody. She is keen to be released back into the community."

Labrum, of Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford, admitted theft, assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and six counts of criminal damage, when she appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Wednesday.

The court heard she breached a community order, imposed in March, for assaulting an emergency worker and possession of a knife.

District judge Jonathan Taafe said : "From reading the reports it would appear the main problem has been drug induced psychosis.

"It's fair to say that your appearance and your mental state has improved over the last four to five weeks while you have been in custody.

"Nevertheless these are serious offences.

"The police officer put his life at risk as you moved towards moving traffic in the highway.

"For his pains he received a savage bite mark to his arm. He has been left with permanent scarring."

He handed Labrum a total of 50 weeks in prison, of which she will serve half, and ordered her to pay a £149 government surcharge.

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