Drugs dogs help sniff out crime

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Mansfield’s nightlife could expect a drop in drug-related crime if a security firm’s hopes of making sniffer dogs a permanent fixture on nightclub doors becomes reality.

Doormen from Guardwise Security trialled their team of black Labradors and handlers on a Saturday night in the town and reported seeing bar-goers turning on their heels upon seeing the canines at the door.

Matt Clark, director at Guardwise, said: “Over the past few years drugs have become a big cause of problems in town.

“It is something that needs to be cracked down on. You will never get rid of it 100 per cent, but if we can cut it by 10 per cent that makes a difference.”

Dogs worked the doors at the Market Inn, The Dial, Rush and Illusions on the night and received good feedback from customers, pub owners and a visiting licence officer.

Matt now hopes to appeal to venue owners to form a syndicate and split the cost of paying for the sniffer dog team.

Kate Ansty, licensing enforcement officer at Nottinghamshire Police, has praised the action taken by venue staff and Guardwise.

She said: “We used specialist wipes to check for cocaine in the toilets that evening. The three venues that had used the sniffer dogs on the door all tested negative.”